Avoiding Those (Traffic) Jams

Plan and Check before you go


Source: NZTA
Source: NZTA

As New Zealand gets ready for the great summer road trips NZTA have released this PDF to help you avoid the jams over the peak summer period:


Also to assist you can or should do the following:

  1. Know alternative routes such as State Highway 16 if you are going north to avoid the jams at Warkworth, or State Highways 27 and 29 if going to the Bay of Plenty to avoid some of the jams along State Highway 2
  2. Get a Twitter account and follow NZTA. NZTA often posts State Highway updates as events happen. Those Tweets will get retweeted by others. By checking in advance those alternative routes might just come in handy
  3. Make sure the car or truck is up to scratch. That means extra water in the car for the radiator and not driving when the red fuel light is on -_-
  4. If you are a slow driver pull over often please
  5. Keep yourself hydrated at all times – that means water!


Make that summer trip just that little bit more enjoyable by following the above

Have a good Christmas and New Years everyone