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New proposed school site
New proposed school site

I had requested some information on a future high school for Papakura/Takanini in light of the Ministry of Education preparing to build a new primary school in the same area.

The questions I sent were:

  1. The specific area the Ministry of Education has in mind for the high school
  2. Proposed capacity
  3. Indication of when a Notice of Requirement would be filed
  4. Indication of a target completion and opening date
  5. Possible school zone



Katrina Casey, Head of Sector Enablement and Support for the Ministry of Education replied the following:

There have no immediate plans to build a new secondary school in the area. We are however expecting to get the formal go-ahead for a proposed new primary school on Walters Street shortly.

Regarding the possibility of there being a new secondary school in the area, in 2004 the Ministry announced the purchase of land in Walters Road for future schooling in the area ( No decisions were made at the time about the type of school for the site. The purchase of the site was designed to help cater for anticipated residential growth and schooling in the area. The Takanini Area Strategy was developed to meet expected growth and residential development to accommodate a projected increase of 19,000 people by 2020.

In 2007, the Government announced that a new secondary school would be built on Walters Road, Takanini. Specifically, it was determined that one year 9-13 school and three full primary schools (Year 1-8) would be built in the area to cater for the expected growth. However, the Takanini Special Housing Area, which was expected to provide 3,000 new properties, did not get final approval and did not  go ahead.

Currently Papakura High School and Rosehill College make up the network of schools providing secondary school provision for the Takanini area. The network has capacity for 3085 places.  There is a surplus of 579 places which means that only 81 per cent of the school network is being utilised. As there is sufficient capacity within the secondary school network servicing Takanini and Papakura, there are no immediate plans to build a new secondary school.


The first question to mind is: “Is Rosehill College zoned?” Because if it is the zone will be contained to the western side of the rail line while at the moment the bulk of development that is going to place pressure on schools is on the eastern side. It is also to note that 500 houses are due to go up in Addison soon, 500 more next to the SAS base, a large area of eastern Takanini is zoned Future Urban Zone meaning it can go residential any time post 2016, and a large area of Takanini and east Papakura is under the Strategic Housing Area box which means the Unitary Plan rules especially for the Mixed Housing Urban Zone (where I am) are already live (meaning intensification). So the need for a new high school by 2020 might sneak up on the Ministry a tad faster than they like to admit.


I will leave with that thought. Any follow-up questions you think I should send back post in the comments below.


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  1. Hi Ben,

    Did they provide with timelines for a construction of a new primary school? Do you know much about 2 other schools location?

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