Long Term Plan Out For Consultation, Oh and Trams Returning?

Okay that is nice to know


Today the 2015-2025 Draft Long Term Plan comes out for consultation with Auckland. It runs from today until March 16 as well as a 5,000 person survey on transport alternative funding options. I will be joining my Main Stream Media, and Social Media counterparts today to get the full run down on the LTP and what it exactly means for you. Talking Auckland will then run extensive Long Term Plan commentary up until the Governing Body of Auckland Council adopts it in June thus going live July 1.

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Return of the Tram?


So the announcement I was not allowed to speculate on publicly last night that has come out today is the possible return of the tram from next year. Stuff has an outline of what and where the trams could be here: Auckland transport plan consultation opens

Apparently to save using public money (as there is apparently none) Dr Lester Levy of Auckland Transport has said that using “novel” financing methods to build the light rail system would be thoroughly investigated and most likely used.


Light rail returns to the spotlight

By Mathew Dearnaley 5:00 AM Friday Jan 23, 2015


Auckland Mayor Len Brown, who is today unveiling a 10-year budget with deep cuts to transport spending unless he can convince the public to accept motorway tolls or higher rates, said trams were not a priority for him although he would be interested in the outcome of the investigation by Auckland Transport.

“There’s no funding, nothing in the timetable, no decisions made – just an interesting opportunity for an investigation so I will be measuring this work beside all the other work that is presently unfunded in the budget.”

But Dr Levy disclosed Auckland Transport was considering “a novel form of financing” involving private investment to shield the council from any extra burden for at least the first five years of light rail.

He hoped for “a complete case” to be ready for his board to approve in March, before referring it to the council and the Government in time for inclusion in the city’s long-term plan


Source, graphic, and full article: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11390472


Forgive me with Auckland Transport facing 38% cuts as is in the Long Term Plan, thus existing transport projects already struggling from cuts that I am rather cool on the idea of Light Rail back on the Isthmus. Even with this “novel” financing which someone pointed out novel is a work of fiction 😛


I will ponder more on this over the weekend but for now I am thinking “yeah-nah.”