THE 2015-2025 LONG TERM PLAN SERIES #1: Investing In Auckland

How is Auckland Council Planning To Invest in Auckland


2015 LTP Summary Page
2015 LTP Summary Page

In continuing the Long Term Plan series the pod cast looks at how Council is planning to invest in Auckland. For links to documents and feedback portals please visit: THE 2015-2025 LONG TERM PLAN SERIES #INTRODUCTION


How Auckland Council plans to “invest” in Auckland:


The Long Term Plan Consultation Booklet

Pages 26 and 27 for the Budget at a Glance


Remember to give your feedback at Shape Auckland before March 16, 2015


The Talking Auckland Long Term Plan Series

  1. Introduction
  2. Investing in Auckland (Includes 10 year Budget at a glance)
  3. Fixing Transport
  4. Your Rates
  5. Housing and Development
  6. Local Board priorities (general unless I get specific requests)
  7. My feedback indication
  8. Conclusion