Fact Checking Budgets

Going to make an assertion then make it right


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It seems the Long Term Plan and the incoming budget cuts are taking a toll on the City. From what I can gather last night there was a meeting at Mt Albert over the Town Centre upgrade for that place. Like the transport interchanges and countless other projects on Auckland’s Transport list, they all go thrown up into the air thanks to draft LTP.


However, it seems an MP and former leader might want to be very careful about their assertions first. For that matter a certain Councillor might want to fact check as well.

Labour’s David Shearer is the latest City Rail Link fan waking up to its consequences. He’s also now on a growing list of left-wingers that are calling for heads to roll on the left-wing council! It’s going to get very ugly over the next 18 months. Brace yourselves.

DAVID SHEARER ON FACEBOOK: There was a disastrous meeting in my electorate tonight. About 150 local people turned up in good faith to consult on a frankly overdue Mt Albert town-centre upgrade, only to find half the funding had been cut by Auckland Transport.
This is the third time the community has been promised an upgrade but everything up until now has come to zero. What an arrogant waste of local people’s time and money.
Auckland Council has totally lost control of Auckland Transport. This time, …the dysfunction showed in public. By the time the meeting ended, half the people had gone home.
At this rate, the mayor and councillors can kiss their jobs goodbye at the next election.
In the words of one local: “we’ve got a shrunken plan we’re supposed to get excited about?”
In the words of another: “we’re shafted.”



Right some basic fact checking first

The cuts to the Mt Albert Town Centre like to the Otahuhu and Manukau Transport Interchanges are out of Auckland Transport’s control.

The Governing Body and its Committees which consist of Councillors decided in their infinite wisdom to pass a draft Long Term Plan for consultation that includes a 38% cut to Auckland Transport’s Budget

As a result of the incoming cut (unless Auckland decides to support the Auckland Plan Transport Network) Auckland Transport had to drop or defer items from its program list. Mt Albert Town Centre was one item dropped, the two transport interchanges being deferred were another as examples.

Auckland Transport can only do with the money given to them. If Councillors cut the budget then yes things are going to be dropped.


Thus David Shearer I would squarely put the blame on the Mt Albert Town Centre renewal being scaled back squarely onto the Councillors and the Mayor. They and they alone voted for the Long Term Plan which has that 38% funding cut towards Auckland Transport. If AT had the money I bet the project would be finished by end of year. But no money no project


Also Cameron Brewer Auckland Transport are not out of control. They are doing what they have been given funding for and could do a whole lot more in the benefit of Auckland (mostly) if they had the cash rather than Councillors squabbling.

And away she goes on her maiden trip from Papakura to Britomart on the Southern Line.
And away she goes on her maiden trip from Papakura to Britomart on the Southern Line.

Thus your rather wide of the mark rant Councillor plus the fast that was the Regional Strategy and Policy Committee this morning, and Councillor Wood saying I should ask for the City Rail Link to be delayed until 2020 earned this remark from me last night:

The answer is simply “NO”
No to delaying the City Rail Link main start date beyond 2018

Alternative Funding for the CRL Stations is already available from overseas models, our elected representatives to relieve the final bill on rate payers

I am growing rather bored of Councillors re-litigating debates and will soon have no problem with Auckland Transport, and Development Auckland working with the Local Boards bypassing the Governing Body in its entirety and getting s#$* done – properly


If Development Auckland, and Auckland Transport can get stuff done with the Local Boards on local and regional projects then I have no problem them bypassing the Governing Body in doing so. Maybe we might get stuff done properly rather than constant bickering.

So be aware Councillors, Auckland has simply had enough