Latest Long Term Plan Feedback Numbers

Pattern becoming visible


The latest Long Term Plan feedback figures have come through and a pattern is beginning to emerge around the topics.

The numbers so far:


While there is little movement across questions one, two and four (apart from which transport modes should be invested in) some clear trends are beginning to emerge:

  • Males still out ranking females 2:1 in giving feed back
  • Those of European ethnicity make up 80% of all feedback so far (down from 82% last week)
  • 16% of all feedback is from under 35’s while 46% are over 55
  • Increasing numbers want budget cuts to Governance and Support. Arguably this is a reaction wanting cuts to the Council staff budget
  • Support for more rail investment has increased compared to last week
  • Public and Active Transport modes still attract most support for more investment although support or non-support for more in roads remains steady
  • The $385 Uniform Annual General Charge level still attracts 48% support while the $900 level faces diminishing support
  • Still a majority reject the proposed rates increase
  •  And 49% still support tolling of some form but with 15% saying no to either Tolls or Taxes/Rates


The Have Your Say events are in full swing which generate plenty of discussion as is. With the Auckland Conversations on transport and transport investment last night it is yet to be seen whether it will influence the feedback for the rest of the period.