And Here It Is: #FixOurCity

So what is this alternative to the Mayor’s Auckland Plan Transport Network


It was introduced at the Auckland Conversations event on Monday and given in brief yesterday here. Today and below is the full report from Generation Zero on their #fixourcity Essential Transport Budget:

From Generation Zero




The Essential transport Budget – An Alternative to the Mayor’s Auckland Plan Transport Network


I support #FixOurCity and the Essential Transport Budget and will be both taking this with me to the Papakura Local Board Long Term Plan ‘Have Your Say Session’ as well as my final written feedback to the LTP itself.

It is a more balanced and affordable budget than the Mayor’s gold-plated and excessive Auckland Plan Transport Network. Like the Congestion Free Network (that the Essential Transport Budget feeds into) the outcomes compared to the APTN give actual benefits (compared to congestion getting worse under the APTN) for $280m/year less than the APTN itself.

So why would you not support the Essential Transport Budget. It even seems Grey Power support the #fixourcity campaign.


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