Civil Defence Advisories as Severe Tropical Cyclone Heads Our Way

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These are Civil Defence Information Pressers. Please Adhere to them

Aucklanders: be prepared for Cyclone Pam from Sunday evening 

Auckland Civil Defence is reminding Aucklanders to stay up-to-date with weather forecasts over the weekend as Cyclone Pam approaches New Zealand.

Forecasts suggest the Auckland region may be hit by severe weather from Sunday evening, though the full impacts are not certain at this stage. 

Civil Defence Controller Clive Manley says Aucklanders are advised to exercise caution.

“Current weather forecasts suggest areas north of Whangaparaoa and on Great Barrier have a reasonable chance of river and stream flooding, strong winds, large swells, waves and coastal erosion.

“Surface flooding and slips may make driving difficult from Sunday evening until Tuesday.”

“There may also be local power cuts.”

“Boat owners should check moorings this weekend before the bad weather arrives. Boaties should not go out on the water unless absolutely necessary.”

“Keep an eye on marine weather forecasts and if necessary move your boat to a more sheltered location.”

Mr Manley says it’s a good time to for people to check their emergency survival kit and update household emergency plans.

“Make sure you have a battery-powered torch, radio, food, water and other essentials in your emergency survival kit,” he says.

“If you live in a low-lying area prone to flooding, you should have a getaway kit ready in case you need to move to higher ground.”

Auckland Civil Defence Emergency Coordination Centre will monitor the situation through the weekend.


Before severe weather hits you should:

  • Check drains and spouting to make sure they are clear of blockages.
  • Pick up debris around your house that could become airborne.
  • Bring rubbish bins to shelter.
  • Bring pets inside.
  • Boaties should check moorings.
  • Stay up to date with weather forecasts on TV, radio and online.
  • Check on your neighbours.


If the severe weather hits we recommend:

  • Stay at home and off the roads unless absolutely necessary.
  • Power and phone services may be disrupted.  Have a torch and battery-powered radio (or car radio) so you can listen to weather alerts.  You also may want to have a gas cooker handy.


On the road drivers are urged to exercise caution:

  • Headlights on.
  • Drive to the conditions.
  • Keep a safe distance from the car in front.


An emergency survival kit should have:

  • Food and water for three days or more
  • Battery powered torch and radio
  • First aid kit/medication
  • Supplies for pets.


Your getaway kit should have:

  • Essential items from your emergency survival kit
  • Family documents e.g. passports and driver’s license
  • Personal items e.g. medication and toiletries.


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