Long Term Plan Feedback Update

Record amount of submissions in


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From Auckland Council

10-year budget consultation closes with record number of submissions

More than 15,000 Aucklanders have submitted feedback to the council’s consultation on its 10-year budget, which closed at 4pm today (Monday).

As of 5pm on 15 March, 15,163 submissions had been received, topping the previous 10-year budget consultation total by more than 5,000 with more still to be counted.

Final numbers and analysis will be available in the coming days once all submissions have been processed.

At this stage, 53% of Aucklanders support the advanced transport network, with 27% preferring the basic network, while on the question of how to pay for the enhanced network, 34% opted for a motorway charge and 29% favour a fuel tax and rates rise.

All submissions will be read and analysed and reports will be produced that summarise the information collected from the feedback process. Elected members will consider this information in workshops and meetings before making their final decisions in May.


The Breakdown so far