City Building With Cities Skylines

First (and Experimental) City Getting Under Way – Slowly

Since Electronic Arts ruined the Sim City Franchise with Sim City 2013 (what doesn’t EA touch that does not go to crap) good solid city building simulation games have been hard to come by.

Well it seems I have found that solid city simulator game that stokes the city building fires not seen since Sim City 4 back in 2003 (and Rush Hour in 2004).

Cities Skylines which has been getting reviews in the high 80s and low 90s (last since in Sim City 4 for a city simulator) is that game which stokes those city building fires.

I have been giving the game a whirl using my first city ‘Solaria’ as the test bed for future cities. Test bed to hone the skills in on:

  1. Road layouts (the main drag keeps getting congested even with bus and subway lines)
  2. Best utilisation of natural resources available (farming and forestry seem to be the best bet over the long-term)
  3. Public Transport layouts as you not only build the actual infrastructure but the routes as well
  4. Planning in where to place which zone
  5. DEAD PEOPLE, yes you need graveyards and crematoriums otherwise cue zombies and dead people piling up on the streets sparking health endemics
  6. Budgeting so the city doesn’t go broke
  7. Parks and pedestrian mall placements
  8. Districts, yep in Cities Skylines you can set city wide policies as well as drawing up individual districts with individual polices. An example being the University District where smoking dope is legal and public transport is free. To pay for the free public transport in the district and the slight increase in the police budget the University District has a 2% targeted tax on the High Density Commercial and Office Zones Z (rest of the city does not).

So while missing bus lanes so my buses don’t get caught up on the main drag the game is pretty solid.

Here are some pictures of what I have manage to do with Solaria so far. And yes the primary power source is Nuclear with wind providing 25%:

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More pictures as the game and city continue.