Case for Bus Lanes

ARGH I need Bus Lanes

Exhibits A through C on why my City needs Bus Lanes

Buses getting stuck in traffic fouling the bus network and getting passengers around efficiently.

This is of course Solaria my first (and test bed) City in the new Cities Skylines game. The lack of bus lanes is one of the flaws of the game but the diverse Modding community is working on dedicated bus lanes for such situations above.

Just like Solaria, cities like Auckland need a good and expansive dedicated bus lane system to help move the large fleet of buses thus passengers around Auckland efficiently.

So while Auckland Transport is getting more of these bus lanes rolled out they need to move faster right through urban Auckland including the industrial districts.

Finally, this is Solaria as of last night with some low density urban development and the opening up of an oil field. Do not worry for the rest of Solaria I try and be green with market farming, renewable forestry, and power plants like Wind and Nuclear.

Solaria as of 23 03 2015
Solaria as of 23 03 2015