600 New Homes in Papakura Site – By 2020

Papakura (Social) Housing Site Finally Seeing Construction

I have been watching this one since it first came up a couple of years ago.

From Stuff:

HNZ all set to build 600 new homes

NIGEL MOFFIET Last updated 05:00, April 29 2015

An old army base is quickly transforming into a new model of social housing as work gets underway to build 600 new homes.

Construction has begun on Housing New Zealand’s first “super lots” next to McLennan Park with 11 new three and four-bedroom private homes due for completion this year.

The Takanini development in South Auckland will feature a mix of social housing, private housing and housing for first-home buyers.


Around 90 of the homes will be used as social housing for Housing NZ or other community providers.

A further 120 homes will be available for purchasers who meet the Government’s HomeStart programme criteria and will be sold at an upper limit of $550,000. The remaining homes will be built and sold by private developers.

Freeman says the “pressure” of Auckland’s housing market is forcing the corporation to spend “hundreds of millions of dollars to build and upgrade thousands of homes across Auckland over the next 10 years”.

“Any profit from the sale of land for private homes at this development will be reinvested back into areas of high housing demand. Housing New Zealand also has design and build covenants in place to prevent land banking and speculation by private buyers,” she says.


Development on the 24-hectare block of land will be built in stages and is due for completion by 2020.

The rest of the development’s first stage will see 50 more houses built across two hectares of land.


Source: http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/industries/68038752/hnz-all-set-to-build-600-new-homes

Note that the social housing does not necessarily add to Housing New Zealand’s stock and the 600 houses are to be built over five years rather than fast as possible.

None the less the housing is getting under way alongside the 500 over in Addison next door.

I also realise 90 social houses is not a lot but it is above the 10% inclusionary zoning rule set to the Unitary Plan. Also I still do not support inclusionary zoning as it will never achieve its goal apart from passing costs on to the other 90% of housing built in the area (thus driving affordability in the long run out further out of reach). For that it is the role of the Government to build State Housing to assist those who might be short with housing.

Still our supply is behind but it does take at least two years from plan to first nail going in to get the house or apartment up. So again with such lag we need to be on top of our game.