Port Future Study Endorsed. Group to Establish and Start Scope For Study

Committee Endorses to allow first stage of Study to get under way

While I was at the Unitary Plan Mediation Session on Parking Minimums (it was a good discussion too) the Auckland Development Committee endorsed the establishment of the Future Port Study.

From Auckland Council:

Port Future Study: Design Proposals 

A report was presented outlining the proposed collaborative stakeholder engagement process and the draft scope of the Port Future Study for endorsement by the Committee.

The collaborative stakeholder process is designed to be ‘handed-over’ to stakeholders for them to make recommendations to council on the best way forward from their consensus viewpoint.

It will include two structures – a Stakeholder Reference Group (SRG) ideally of 40-50 representatives including Maori, a broad range of various sector groups and POAL representation. In addition, a smaller Consensus Working Group selected from the SRG with an independent chair. It will be responsible for making recommendations to the council and will work with experts. 

The draft scope of the study will consider the full spectrum of costs and benefits across social, economic, environmental and cultural aspects, and the feasibility of, a range of options. It will look, not only at the current port precinct area, but also at wider Auckland impacts on the waterfront and its surrounds. The draft scope will be referred to the Consensus Working Group to be amended as necessary. The budget is proposed is to be $1 million to $1.1 million funded over two years.

More information is available in the committee report available on the Auckland Council website.

Committee chair and Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse told the committee that “a huge amount of trust needed to be rebuilt in the decision-making process and the best way to do that is to put our trust into the hands of the stakeholders we are handing this process over to.

“The council is giving its commitment the process will be as inclusive, transparent and open as it possibly can be,” says Ms Hulse.

The Committee voted unanimously to endorse the collaborative stakeholder process, the establishment and role and tasks of the two stakeholder groups, an initial list of stakeholders, draft scope of the study and the budget as outlined in the report.


The Future Port Study proposal can be seen in the agenda below:

One to keep an eye on as it works its way through.