Ben’s Thoughts: A TopShop/TopMan in Southern Auckland within next 2-5 years? #BetterAuckland

What if or Could We?

As part of the refocus of the blog and in the prelude to #Auckland2016 I will from time to time pen some thoughts on ‘What If’ or ‘Could Southern Auckland’ have or do XYZ. The idea behind this to:

  1. Kick start a conversation on the South and what is might want
  2. Through collaboration possibly getting the very good ideas going and implemented (the Manukau Parklet being one example)

If you have an idea of thought on ‘What If‘ or ‘Could Southern Auckland…‘ contact me (  or @BenRoss_AKL on Twitter) and we will see what can be arranged.

Ben’s Thoughts

Ben’s Thoughts: “Could Southern Auckland house a TopShop/TopMan type of higher end boutique store within the next two to five years?”

We know the higher end retailers like TopShop and possibly Zara are either here or making their way to Queen Street in the Auckland City Centre. But as we also know Auckland is more than Queen Street and Southern Auckland continues to be the rising jewel in Auckland’s Crown as investment and wealth head our way (see: South Auckland – The Rising Jewel in Auckland’s Crown).

So I wonder through collaboration between the people and businesses of Southern Auckland, the Council Development Auckland organisation, and the Auckland Design Office (Ludo Campbell-Reid) if a such a TopShop/TopMan type of store could be seen in Manukau City Centre within the next two to five years?