Introducing Talking Southern Auckland, and #Auckland2016

New Chapter of the Ben Ross Auckland Story


A Look To #Auckland2016

Today marks a new chapter in the story Ben Ross and Auckland. Since the blog’s inception the focus has been on wider Auckland with the odd piece on New Zealand politics, and international happenings.

To do this as the sole author and administrator of the Blog and in keeping the commentary relevant it takes time and resources to put everything together. For example putting together the Parramatta Evolving to Become Sydney’s Second CBD. Hint to Auckland Council on Manukau City Centre takes a couple of hours especially if I am pulling previous blog posts or other external material to write the current post. On the flip side dumping a standard Auckland Transport or Auckland Council presser takes about 15 minutes.

If it is a particularly busy news day (so publishing at least three or four articles) half a day can easily disappear putting it all together.

As the blog does not get paid nor do I get paid for the blog or any intellectual property I produce, I run the blog as 100% volunteer and from my own resources. Also being a dad to our one year old daughter your time just disappears.

Now I know the blog has grown a core readership and continues to grow. The blog also holds its strong advocacy role and I am not going to put that on the shelf anytime soon. But last week came to the realisation that focusing on wider Auckland at a volunteer level was becoming tiring. And so a refocus was done and the following will occur as the new chapter.


Focus on Collaboration and Conversations on and in Southern Auckland

The blog will primarily focus on issues and projects (hence collaboration) in the Franklin, Manurewa-Papakura, and Manukau Wards (i.e Southern Auckland). Wider Auckland issues that might come up will be touched on from time to time like the Unitary Plan and Port of Auckland. Auckland Transport matters especially if Auckland Transport have messed up will definitely still be blogged on!

Also with candidates and incumbents beginning to test the waters already, the blog will start #Auckland2016 (the Local Elections in late 2016) coverage from today!

As always guest posts and comments are most welcome. You can contact me ( and we will see what we can arrange.

I would like to thank readers and commenters for being there as you are a part of the blog.

Together towards #Auckland2016 and most certainly a #BetterAuckland.

2 thoughts on “Introducing Talking Southern Auckland, and #Auckland2016

  1. Congrats Ben!
    We value your perspective and commentary hugely and this new focus will ensure many more great stories of South Auckland are able to be told!
    Kia pai to ra
    Accelerating Aotearoa

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