And This Is What Auckland Transport Thinks of You The Rail Passenger – Again

Not a lot

Some days I really dread firing up Tweetdeck and Facebook in the mornings. Why? Because I wonder if both will be going like anything with messages of some failure on the rail network causing issues – again.

Today was one of those mornings. 

From what I have learned from friends and Twitter followers in the field (and either on the trains or at stations) this morning was that all Eastern Line services (Manukau to Britomart via Glen Innes) were suspended owing to first a “track fault” then followed by a “crew matter (train had gone through a red signal).”

The double and compounding situation meant trains (specifically the diesels as the Electrics were stopped) were going up the Southern Line only resulting in people being left behind on full stations and crush loadings on the diesel sets.

To make life more fun from a single Tweet from Auckland Transport (only two were ever sent out by them this morning) the timetable had been basically suspended once the Eastern Line issue was fixed and trains (Electric and Diesels) being dispatched every 15-20 minutes (morning peak usually means 10 minutes or less in frequency on the Southern and Eastern Lines).

And what customer service did Auckland Transport do this morning during the situation (caused by an actual power failure on the Eastern Line that is rumoured to cause the EMU to blow its signal)?

As of this post just three Tweets in three hours (6am – 9am) with the most recent alerting to delays and cancellations across the network owing to the earlier ‘Track Fault.’

Text messages from Transdev/AT did occur finally after a delay. The cause of the delay is unknown at this time.

But there were no more than three tweets, no Facebook messages, and no pressers to the Main Stream Media and Auckland bloggers alerting to the large disruption this morning (that is still on going some four hours later from the original fault).


This from Papatoetoe Station while the Eastern Line was down and the Southern Line diesels could not cope earlier this morning:

Papatoetoe Station full Source: A fellow reader and train user
Papatoetoe Station full at around 7:30am today (3/06/15)
Source: A fellow reader and train user

Information Blackout and both passengers and even the media having no idea what is going on from Auckland Transport in a time of disruption. 

Ultimate result? Anger, frustration, and that hard-earned patronage growth being lost as people are eventually going to give up and revert back to being stuck on the Southern Motorway! 

Accountability, is what Auckland Transport is seriously lacking.

And Auckland Council needs to pull finger as AT’s master as well. If the above is what Auckland Transport really think of its rail passengers then we have a serious problem!