So that Crown Land Actually Belongs to the Council Minister – Ooooops #AKLPols

Manukau Site belongs to the Council not the Crown

Well I already blogged on Monday that the Manukau site announced by the Minister for Housing Dr Nick Smith would run into difficulties owing to a number of issues. You can read my Monday piece here: Exclusive: Would You Want To Live Here? #AKLPols

Manukau housing site zone map
Manukau housing site zone map

It seems the land never belonged to NZTA anyway, it belonged to Council and is for Council and Development Auckland to work out what to build on that site as a result.

This from Radio NZ:

Auckland housing site ownership glitch

Updated at 5:44 am today

One of the sites unveiled by the Government for housing in Auckland turns out not to be fully Crown-owned land.

Crown land at Manukau in Auckland that has been identified for housing is close to shopping, education and the train station.
Crown land at Manukau in Auckland that has been identified for housing. The site is opposite the Manukau Institute of Technology and alongside the southwestern motorway. Photo: RNZ / Kim Baker Wilson Source:

The Government thought the site in central Manukau was owned by its Transport Agency but has now confirmed most of it belongs to Auckland Council.

It was one of the blocks the Government unveiled on 29 May making up 500 hectares of surplus Crown land that could be suitable for housing.

In response to a query from Radio New Zealand News, the office of Building and Housing Minister Nick Smith has confirmed the Manukau land is partly council-owned.

Auckland Council is happy for the land to be developed and is entering negotiations with the Government.

The Government’s initial estimate was that 60 terraced houses could be built on the land.

Auckland deputy mayor Penny Hulse said they were keen to look at the site’s potential.

“We’re keen to look at perhaps mixed use between commercial and residential,” she said.

“We’ve got a height limit under the new Unitary Plan of about 18 storeys so there’s some potential to do some really good things on that site.”



Deputy Mayor Hulse has been quoted by the Herald, and from public comments to myself that she would like to see the Manukau site that is zoned Metropolitan Centre under the Unitary Plan to preferably go more intensive and mixed use.

That is (and overlays not withstanding from the industry area) a development that might contain office, retail, hospitality, and residential that could reach the maximum 18 storey (72.5m) height limit for the zone. Of if I have my way through the Unitary Plan Hearings as high as the airport overlay would allow under the Unlimited Height Rule amendment.

But in any case, you silly fool Minister Smith!

Manukau housing site housing map close up
Manukau housing site housing map close up