Herald Correction Published

And noted after complaint

Yesterday I picked up a Bernard Orsman special from the Herald where he mislead readers into thinking “tens of thousands” of Auckland Ratepayers would get whacked with the $1000+ rate rise from July.

This was the article concerned:

Press Council Complaint

We know from Council information that the figure is actually 9,000:

LTP Increases and decreases Source: Transport Blog
LTP Increases and decreases
Source: Transport Blog

Also: Radio NZ Spells Out What the Long Term Plan Actually Meant UPDATED

It sparked a complaint from me to the Herald editors on the misrepresentation of Bernard’s article. The Herald replied that a correction and apology would be carried and it has:

Source: @Joto77Tony
Source: @Joto77Tony

As a result I consider the complaint closed and no need to go to the Press Council.

But what it does illustrate is that any deliberate misrepresentations as Bernard Orsman pulled will earn complaints. A single three letter word changed the rhetoric of an entire article and to me that is unacceptable. I recommend to the Herald such situations do not occur again any time soon.

The Fourth Estate are there to report the News objectively, not make stuff up through deliberate misrepresentations nor BE the News.