Council and Police: Window Washers – Yep Clampdown; Rail Safety Compromised – SILENCE

Misguided priorities by our public authorities again

I see Council and the NZ Police are “promising to WIPE OUT window washers.”

From Auckland Council:

Efforts made to wipe window washers off streets

Auckland Council is clamping down on intimidating behaviour by window washers at intersections throughout the city.

Max Wilde, Manager Bylaws and Compliance, says “We are receiving up to 40 complaints a month from frustrated motorists who are concerned – and often intimidated – by the behavior of window washers. The safety of drivers is paramount and we are working together with Police to identify intimidating window washers and take action against them.”

Over the last six to eight weeks evidence has been obtained relating to more than 220 separate offences in breach of Auckland Council’s Public Safety and Nuisance Bylaw. Council staff have collated information on more than 60 individuals who regularly take part in this activity and are working with Police to identify offenders. In addition, trespass notices are being considered to deter prolific offenders from reoffending. The combined approach of Police assisting with identification and sharing of information on this activity will now make prosecution more viable for council.

A recent joint operation with the Police saw council focus enforcement on an intersection in Mt Wellington where 13 people were engaged in window washing over a two day period. The identities of those involved were obtained by Police and council will be pursuing enforcement action through the courts.  As well as breaches of council bylaws, Police arrested several individuals for various unrelated criminal matters.

Inspector Ross Barnaby, District Manager Community & Youth, says “We are concerned about the number of individuals we have found window washing who have outstanding criminal matters.  Additionally we have come across young people who should be at school, including a 13-year-old who had been reported missing by his parents.”

The Police returned him home and encourage other youths to continue with their schooling or training to improve their chances of achieving more long-term secure job opportunities. Running in and out of live traffic lanes at peak periods washing windows is not safe and they put themselves and others in danger. .

Council staff and Police believe drivers also have an important part to play in helping resolve the window washing issue. Money is the motivation for window washers and drivers should discourage window washers at intersections and decline to pay them.

What to do if you encounter a window washer:

  • Make it clear that you don’t want your window washed – shake head or say no
  • Roll up your car windows and don’t engage in conversation
  • If they continue to wash your car and demand payment in an intimidating way, make a complaint to the council by phoning 09 301 0101
  • Take  a photo on your phone of the offender and send to the council or Police
  • In cases of criminal activity such as assault or wilful damage, call 111.


Further Information

The Auckland Council and Auckland Transport Public Safety & Nuisance Bylaw came into effect 26 May 2014. The bylaw replaces seven legacy council bylaws relating to public safety and nuisance.

The Bylaw makes it illegal to wash or offer to wash a vehicle in an intimidating manner, causing a nuisance to any person, or causing an obstruction to traffic.


Right so Auckland Council and the Police decide to do something about window washers.

BUT they continue to dither on ensuring safety on the rail corridor after this:

Safety Compromised On Rail Network. Police, Government and Auckland Transport Dither

Unacceptable behaviour that needs to be “nipped” in the bud


I have been informed by reliable anonymous sources of the following over the weekend on both the Southern and Western Line rail services:

  • Alcohol thrown onto a train manager by disorderly passengers refusing to comply with simple instructions
  • Trains having to skip Takanini Station owing to disorderly people on the station kicking doors and throwing objects at a previous service
  • Trespassers (that have been trespassed earlier) entering the rail network and attempting to board a train
  • Two people entering the drivers cab of a passenger train in revenue service (carrying passengers) and compromising both the safety of the train and the ability of the driver

The first three incidents are one thing that is intolerable, but the last one on people entering a drivers cab of a train in revenue service is beyond intolerable!

So again where is Auckland Transport and where are the police is clamping down on such inexcusable behaviour. Where is our dithering excuse for a Central Government in allocating more resources to prevent and mitigate not only anti social behaviour but also dangerous behaviour such as entering a drivers cab. And to Transdev how in hell was a driver’s cab breached by two members of the public?

If safety on the rail corridor can not be reasonably expected then heads need to roll starting from the top as far as I am concerned.

There is too much foul behaviour and every effort to stamp it out needs to happen.


It seems the Council and Police have their priorities mismatched here – A LOT!

Again entirely unacceptable by our public authorities!

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