Month: June 2015

Bus Console Batteries to be Replaced

Thales to replace batteries after driver injured

From Auckland Transport

Bus console batteries replaced

Consoles on Auckland’s bus fleet are being modified after an incident yesterday in which a driver was taken to hospital with facial injuries.

A malfunction within a console, which is used to store ticket and route information, caused a plastic casing to fly off, injuring the driver.

The fault was with an internal lithium battery.

Thales Australia, which installed and maintains the machines, recommended they be replaced with upgraded batteries, which have a short-circuit fail-safe. Technicians are being flown in and the new batteries will be fitted on buses by Saturday.

AT also wants Thales Australia to look at modifications to the console casings.

Incidents involving faulty batteries of this type are rare worldwide.

“We don’t believe this is a systemic issue but rather a freak accident. Thales have never had any experience of an incident like this and they advise the possibility of a similar event is extremely low, and reduced even further with the latest fail-safe battery” says AT’s Chief Executive, David Warburton.

Since the machines were installed last year, Auckland’s 1150 buses have travelled an estimated 46 million kilometres (or approximately 1.9 million hours on the road).

Mr Warburton has also expressed concern for the bus driver involved whose welfare is being looked after by his employers.


New South Wales to Build Second Harbour Rail Crossing, While We Still Wait for the CRL to enable ONE! #Auckland2016

NSW Conservative State Government Tunnels Ahead While our National Government Continues to Dither And we wonder why Auckland can often been seeing as struggling to compete with Sydney when you have this … Continue reading New South Wales to Build Second Harbour Rail Crossing, While We Still Wait for the CRL to enable ONE! #Auckland2016

Thoughts on the leaked Labour Election Review

The reason for me reblogging this is because when you have a large chunk of your Opposition failing (and heck Labour is quite successful in doing that at the moment and pretty much nothing else) then our democracy is in trouble.

Our democracy relies on both a “strong government,” a “strong opposition,” and “strong cross benches (where a Party acts in a more independent manner siding with both sides depending on the issue).”

If we have a sick opposition at central level it does affect at Local Level such as Auckland Council as well. We have no leverage nor alternative to seek out on prickly issues such as the City Rail Link (which we should just do ourselves any way). This is because there is a lack of central opposition doing its job in both putting a torch under the Government’s backside AND (and this is where the USA has some advantage over us) force more bi-partisan agreements.

But looking at the original blog post in which I am reblogging on it seems Labour the opposition continue to immolate itself and to borrow the dogged phrase from National; not focusing on things that really matter…..

(Bread, butter, work, house, amenity are things that matter to most as absolute priority)

Rail Network to Custard Again [UPDATED]

Digger cuts the signal cable

More issues for the Auckland Rail Network this evening with a digger cutting the signal cable at Otahuhu.

As of now (when the post was written) from limited Auckland Transport Tweets Eastern Line services are terminating at Syliva Park or running to Manukau while the Southern Line covered by the diesels are running every 20 minutes (timetable suspended again). But Tweets are infrequent and no presser to the media or the blogs on the situation. Auckland Transport must be “too busy again” to deal with it (This Is What Auckland Transport Thinks of You – The Rail Passenger [UPDATED])

I was forwarded this link and it seems rather apt:

Stay safe Auckland as we are still under a Severe Thunderstorm WATCH with reports of more thunder cells rolling in from the Tasman!

Draft Newmarket Metropolitan Centre Laneways Plan

Not everything is City Centre Centric

The Waitemata Local Board is seeking feedback on enhancing the vibrancy of the Newmarket Metropolitan Centre.

From the Waitemata Local Board:

Opinion on priorities sought for Newmarket Plan

Public opinion is being sought on the vision and priorities proposed in the draft Newmarket Laneways Plan.  Waitematā Local Board has drafted a vision for the area to improve the quality of the streets and public spaces, making the area safer, more inviting, more interesting and more walkable.

Newmarket is one of Auckland’s busiest retail zones; it has a large residential component and is expected to experience a boom in daytime activity as the new University of Auckland, Grafton campus, begins to reach its potential.  Quality planning of the area needs to take place to best prepare the centre for future growth.

Waitematā Local Board Chair, Shale Chambers, describes the Newmarket Laneways as “an area that is important for social interaction and for a more pedestrian focused retail precinct”.

“Newmarket is home to increasingly popular events and activities. We need to make sure that the planning for the area takes into account its changing face as well as the needs of those how live in and around Newmarket today.”

All those interested in providing feedback on the draft plan are invited to either complete an online feedback form on before Sunday 14 June, or attend a public Open Day the next being:

–       Osborne Street, Saturday 6 June, 11am – 2pm

Copies of this draft plan is available at local libraries, the Waitematā Local Board office and online on


Update on Manukau Parklets and the Manukau Interchange MK3 designs from Auckland Transport.


Auckland Transport has been ‘reminded’ that I am awaiting further information on both the parklets and the designs to the Interchange. I have been informed that once the Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board have been briefed any updates that become available will follow.