Long Term Plan Summary of Decisions Released #Auckland2016

Not the prettiest of reading but this is what the Council decided

Yesterday although somewhat quietly compared to the Local Board pressers Auckland Council released a summary of decisions made for the Long Term Plan that goes operative today.

You can read the summary below:

One can reasonably conclude Council has pretty much both not listened and NOT listened to the 27,300 (approximate) pieces of feedback to the Long Term Plan.

By that I mean it seems Council has not both actioned nor even heard what the submitters were saying in most aspects of the LTP.

Three examples:

  1. Governance and Support were to be pretty much gutted in the eyes of the submitters. Council went the opposite direction
  2. Transport was a case on more on public transport and active modes and less on roads. Well we still have the Mill Road Corridor, and the East West Connections sitting there that will cost us combined around $1.3b when we need neither (to what the authorities are proposing any how)
  3. Reduction in what was effectively the ATEED Line. I believe more money was allocated to that line in the Long Term Plan.

So how effective was the consultation with the City on the Long Term Plan? You could conclude not that effective at all. 

3 thoughts on “Long Term Plan Summary of Decisions Released #Auckland2016

  1. Seems to me that if elected officials can’t do as residents want then they need to be unelected at the earliest opportunity.
    That’s next year!

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