Auckland Transport Continues with Bizarre Safety Campaigns

First the Green Man, Now the Dancing Man

First we have the Auckland Transport Green-Man helping you cross or rather teach you how to cross the road safely against those ever present cars: Auckland Transport’s Creepy Green Man – To Help You Cross a Road.

Now we have a dancing someone Quay Street on another safety “campaign.”

From One News:

Bizarre road safety campaign sees ice cream cone ‘distracting’ drivers

Published: 4:42PM Thursday July 02, 2015 Source: ONE News

A person dressed as “something, an ice cream cone or a peanut” is being used to launch Auckland Transport and the New Zealand Transport Agency’s new road safety campaign.

The bizarre display sees a man in a costume standing at an Auckland intersection with wording on the costume reading, “Focus on the road, not me”.

The man, dancing on the footpath along Quay St, appears to be counterproductive according to one ONE News reader.

“Surely this is completely counter-intuitive to the point of the campaign? I know, let’s purposely distract drivers so they all look at me, and then tell them off for looking at me and not the road. Yeah, that’ll [teach] them.”



You can see the video here:

I think the dancing man might prove to be counter-productive unless the car driver being “distracted” by this dancing man rear ends another car or even worse run over a pedestrian was to be the ultimate point. I believe deliberately distracting drivers might also “attract” police attention as well.

Maybe Auckland Transport and NZTA would like to:

Focus HERE Not HERE Source: Andy Baird
Focus HERE
Source: Andy Baird
I wonder what is next from both these two transport authorities?