South Auckland’s Transport – July 2015 + Mill Road Update

Developments on South Auckland’s Transport Network

Tucked away in Local Board reports you will find some nuggets on what is happening that wont necessarily make the NZ Herald.

I had a look through the Manurewa Local Board Agenda for July and found this in the Transport section:

Manurewa Local Board

09 July 2015

Auckland Transport Update – July 2015

File No.: CP2015/13352

  1. This report provides an update on local transport matters over the last month for the Manurewa Local Board (MLB).
Executive Summary
  1. This report contains a general monthly update on transport matters both locally and from across Auckland and a list of issues currently being addressed by Auckland Transport for the MLB.

That the Manurewa Local Board:

a)      Receives this report

Responding to Resolutions
  1. Auckland Transport’s response to the resolutions that require a specific answer made by the MLB at previous meetings.

Resolution number MR/2015/100

  1. f)       That the Manurewa Local Board request that the results of the petition from the Redoubt Ridge Environmental Action Group regarding Graham Cheeseman’s Bush be made available to the Manurewa Local Board along with the response from Auckland Transport. 
  2. This request has been fulfilled. The consenting process is run by Auckland Council, which has provided all information about this process to Local Board Services.    .
  3. g)      That the Manurewa Local Board request the designs for the pedestrian crossings relating to the Hill Road beautification come to a full board workshop.
  4. Auckland Transport has noted this resolution and is keen to confirm with the MLB all the projects currently being investigated will be brought back to workshops with all members.
  5. All the MLB’s current projects are of a size and scale that the Members will need to be regularly kept informed of progress. While preparing this report the team working on the designs was contacted. The team is working hard to the designs ready for consultation and expects to be at this stage by September or October 2015.



Long Term Plan

  1. On Thursday 25 June 2015 Auckland Council adopted its 2015-2025 Long Term Plan.
  1. Adoption of the plan sets Auckland Council’s planned budget for ten years in outline and the next three in detail.  It also confirms Auckland Council’s commitment to the Regional Land Transport Programme.
  1. This ‘programme’ is the combined plan for Auckland Transport, New Zealand Transport Agency, and KiwiRail for the next ten years. Auckland Transport has worked closely with these other agencies in the development of this document, which will be formally ratified by the Boards of these organisations over the next month.
  1. In the Long Term Plan Auckland Council has committed to funding Auckland Transport’s ‘Accelerated Programme’ instead of the ‘Basic Programme’. By funding this programme Auckland Council is maintaining its commitment to transport in Auckland.
  1. Auckland Transport’s budget for most of this Financial Year (14/15) was $733,000,000 which was further increased during the year to $751,000,000. Auckland Transport’s actual spend is likely to be approx. $710,000,000. Next Financial Year’s budget is now confirmed as $620 million. The ‘Accelerated Programme’ roughly maintains the status quo and allows the delivery of a number of projects that would not have been delivered in the ‘Basic Programme’.
  1. Detailed planning is still being completed but the full details of planned work will be provided to Local Board Members in the near future. Some key pieces of work that can now start to be delivered in the 15/16 Financial Year include:
  • The development of an approx. $21,000,000 bus rail interchange at Manukau;
  • Completion of a total of approx. $2,000,000 worth of cycleways in Weymouth, Alfriston and Browns Roads;
  • Development of better High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes between Manukau and Manurewa;
  • Improvements at Manurewa Station including gates and the possibility of extending the canopy to meet the covered walkway being funded by the Manurewa Local Board; and
  • Improving safety by:

o  Building two  roundabouts for approx. $225,000 on Shifnal Drive;

o  Improving the Myers Road / Scott Road Intersection with traffic calming treatments  for approx. $30,000; and

o  Improving the Great South Road / Orams Road Intersection for approx. $100,000

Rail Reliability

  1. Rail reliability has been an issue in recent months. In April 2015, 746 trains (7 per cent of services) were cancelled and average lateness per train was 2.6 minutes
  1. This issue has been raised at all levels of Auckland Transport including with Auckland Transport’s Board. The reasons for the delays have been publicly discussed and include:
  • The phasing out of the old diesel locomotives that are at the end of their life cycles;
  • Conversion training of drivers takes time;
  • Emergency incidents; and
  • General teething problems with operating a completely new set of trains and rail network management system.
  1. April 2015 was particularly bad because there were also a large number of emergency services incidents, including two fatalities and one when an overhead line fell in high winds.
  1. May 2015 saw improved punctuality at 80.3% compared to 77% in March and April 2015. However, this was still lower than the 84% achieved in May 2014 and below both the 12-month average and the organisation’s target of 85%.
  1. Reliability in May 2015 was 95% which is below the 12-month figure of 96.3% and below the organisation’s target of 98%. Reliability in May 2014 was 96.3%.
  1. Auckland Transport is taking this issue seriously and everything possible is being done to improve the situation until the City Rail Link removes the ‘bottle neck’ in the centre of the network that significantly reduces the network’s resilience.
  1. The Auckland Transport is keen to come and speak directly with the MLB. The Auckland Transport Board is well aware of the situation and is being briefed. A plan for improving rail performance is being tabled at the Board’s July 2015 meeting. Scheduling a workshop after the Board meeting seems like a good opportunity to provide accurate up-to-date information.

Mill Road

  1. One of Auckland Transport’s largest projects in the MLB area is the redevelopment and improvement of Mill Road. Public submissions to Auckland Council about Auckland Transport’s Notice of Requirement (NoR) application for safeguarding the route were open from 17 April to 26 May.
  1. The consultation was run by Auckland Council but they have provided the following figures; for information:
  • 286 submissions were received;
  • 20 of the 300 directly affected properties made a submission; and
  • 216 of the submissions were pro-forma submission in opposition to the proposal.

Great South Road Corridor Management Plans (CMPs)

  1. Auckland Transport has been undertaking a refresh of the CMP for Great South Road in the Takanini area to take account of the works at the Takanini Interchange undertaken by NZTA.
  1. A CMP is not a detailed plan but outlines the types of planning that may be needed so that agencies can start planning budgets and work programmes in a coordinated way as early as possible.  CMPs are strategic documents designed to provide a 30 year framework for agencies working to maintain and improve transport along broad ‘corridors’ of movement.
  1. A CMP workshop was planned on 26 May 2015.  This workshop could not take place and another date is currently being set.


Local Board Transport Capital Fund (LBTCF):

  1. MLB has a total pool of $2,392,297 available in this electoral term that can be spent on transport projects.
  2. In this electoral term the MLB has identified six projects that are being investigated. Details of the projects and there status are included in Attachment A.
  3. In the last month progress has been made in the following areas:
  • The project to upgrade Wiri Station Road is now in ‘Detailed Design’;
  • At last month’s meeting the MLB authorized release of funds for ‘Detailed Design’ to commence on the ‘Arts and Plants’ and ‘Great South Road Pedestrianisation’ projects.
  • The ‘Covered Walkway’ that is intended to link South Mall and the railway station is currently being worked through ‘Detailed Design’.
No. Title Page
AView Summary of Manurewa Local Board Transport Capital Fund Projects 2013 – 2016 Electoral Term 31
BView Summary of Consultation Information Sent to the Manurewa Local Board in June 2015 35


Source (web version):

Looking at the above there is quite a bit of activity going on in the transport department in the South. It seems Auckland Transport are aware of the rail reliability issues (Omnishambles for May with the June figures most likely not going to look any better) and are going to present a plan to their Board this month on how to deal with the situation. Also with rail it also seems preparations are being made to gate the Manurewa Station which (as a busy station) should assist with fare evasion there. Although Auckland Transport and the police still need to step up and be more active on security issues on the Southern Line.

In other transport nuggets I see some funding has been set aside for cycle-ways which would go east west across the Manurewa Local Board area. It seems Weymouth Road which already has a long-established cycleway is either getting extensions or upgrade to the existing one. Also I see Mill Road is back up after the submission period closed with the bulk of submissions against the project IN ITS current form. Reaction from Auckland Transport on this is yet to be seen.

And finally there are other bits and pieces in there such as local upgrades, corridor plans for the Great South Road when the Southern Motorway upgrade begins in October.

I will check the other southern Local Board’s agenda’s as they come through and see what else is going on in the transport department for Southern Auckland.

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  1. With the announcement of 1800 more sites for “special housing” south of Auckland, one is reminded that the dots are not being connected very well. The dots being new subdivisions, the links being the vital infrastructure. Mill Rd is a case in point that directly affects this announcement. To support the 1800 new sites it really needs to start at the Drury end.
    One is also reminded how 600 “Special housing” sites owned by HNZ at McLennan, Takanini became 10 (check my numbers please?), with the remainder being sold to private interests. Nothing like feathering supporters nests is there?

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