Labour’s Descent


[Some have defended Labour, saying that the accusations of xenophobia and racism are opportunistic. But if they want to not be called xenophobic and racist, they need to stop using xenophobic and racist rhetoric as a tool to attack the Government. And if they want their opponents to stop being opportunistic, they should stop giving them so many god damned opportunities.]


The Herald article followed by Phil Tywford’s appearance on The Nation yesterday caused two things both which are rare:

  1. Left and Right uniting against someone on a common issue or rather hot button issue. Phil Twyford was that person both sides were united against him
  2. A full blown pile on across both the Main Stream Media and Social Media realms. To achieve this (not even Pebbles Hooper really did) you must have said something (so No#1) to set a lot of people off. Again Phil Twyford did and caused one of the largest New Zealand pile ons I’ve seen for a while.

As far as I see it we have an actual problem. That is we do not actually collect statistics on who and where they are from when they purchase a residential dwelling in New Zealand.

How to fix that? Well this: would have been the ideal way to fix that particular issue.

However, Twyford picked the Race Card (something New Zealand First is more prone to do) and WHAM the narrative on the actual issue has been lost. As Politics Marketing 101 tells you when you lose the narrative the truth disappears no matter what explaining you do after the fact.

So I leave you with Data as Phil Twyford as he realises he is about to come crashing back to reality (argh WordPress and Youtube):