Political Management 101 – Never Bottle the Narrative

Labour bottles the narrative on an actual valid point

That valid point was there is a demand side issue fuelling Auckland’s housing situation (as well as a supply side (something I usually will cover)) and it needs to be addressed in a mature and logical manner. Whether it be universal Capital Gains Tax, Overseas Registries, Vacant Land Taxes we need to sit down and have this debate as the Unitary Plan on the supply side will only do so much.

What we don’t need is what has becoming “Doing a #Twyford” or being selective with data to engage in Race-baiting. That is the narrative has now being lost by Labour on the demand-side issue of housing and what has been the biggest pile I’ve seen has occurred.

The Nation is where #Twford basically all started and you can see reactions from the Twitter Panel here:

The Nation Twitter panel: @mrduttonpeabody and @msbevanchuang

John Palethorpe and Bevan Chuang debate the Auckland housing market, the flag, and power prices

The NBR today did an Ask Me Anything to Phil Twyford in which you can catch up on Twyford answering the questions in the comments section (including mine) on the pile on he effectively caused:


My questions being:

1) What did you honestly plan to achieve by doing what you did on Saturday by releasing the data then appearing on The Nation later that morning? Would you say the narrative has now been lost.

2) Is this what is basically becoming “doing a #Twyford” causing an unnecessary distraction to other areas looking at tackling housing such as the upcoming Hearings on the Residential Zones of the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan.


Political Management will teach you three basic things as it did with me:

  1. Democracy is a contest of ideas that is always a given and should be protected
  2. How not to cock up leading to the Explaining is Losing syndrome maxim being applied (as it is now)
  3. Shut up

Right now with the amount of poo being flung and Labour still shovelling more poo to be flung any logical debate on both the demand and supply side of housing in Auckland will just get lost especially if you want to debate it in the public realm. Not extremely handy right now given Unitary Plan submitters and the Council are due to go into mediation over the vexed issue of the Residential Zones at the end of the month.

I wonder though if Labour are hurting Phil Goff’s chances if he does decide to run for Mayor next year?