Rates Repayment Options

Options for paying for your Rates

The following is available from Auckland Council as different payment options for your rates:

Ratepayers encouraged to make the most of payment options

Aucklanders concerned about their rates bills are urged to make the most of the payment options available to them.

Options available are:

  • Direct Debit
  • Rates Rebate
  • Rates Postponement
  • And assistance for the elderly in licence to occupy retirement villages and/or Papakāinga housing.

Direct debit provides ratepayers with the option of making smaller payments over the year by weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments via direct debit. The council has seen a 64 per cent increase in customers taking up this option compared with the same period last year.

Central government has a rates rebate available, up to $610, for those people whose rates are high in relation to their income. Council believes only a third of all eligible Aucklanders applied for this last year.

The council offers a rates postponement scheme for residents who live in their own home. This enables all or a portion of rates to be deferred until the ratepayer no longer lives there.

To apply for this option, ratepayers will need to meet the following criteria:

  • They are the current owner of the property and have owned the property for at least two years, and
  • The property is used solely by the ratepayer as their place of residence, and
  • Postponed rates do not exceed 80 per cent of the ratepayer’s equity in the property (equity is defined as the value of the property, less any mortgages. The 2014 capital value is usually used to determine the value of the property) and
  • They have applied by completing the council postponement form.

We ask that ratepayers seek financial advice to see if postponement is right for them.

We also provide extra assistance for the elderly who qualify as residents of licence to occupy retirement villages and/or Papakāinga housing.

In all instances, ratepayers are urged to contact council to discuss their circumstances on 09 301 0101 or visit aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/rates.


So please check. I know we have gone direct debit and it does make things much easier our end.