SOUL – Save Our Unique Landscape – Ihumatao

Should a special housing area REALLY go here?

It is an issue I am watching closely but haven’t had time to pick up on until now.

I received an email on the campaign against a Special Housing Area out near Mangere where there is unique treasures (and historic ones at that) that would be placed under threat.

From SOUL – Save Our Unique Landscape:



I have left the formatting as is when I translated the page from SOUL into the blog.

Looking towards the Ihumatao Stonefields
Looking towards the Ihumatao Stonefields

Media attention has also picked up on the SOUL campaign with some excellent insights from the 95bFM interviews:

Ascending order -Latest coverage at bottom:

Listen here to a feature broadcast on BFM The Wire about this proposed SHA at Ihumatao.,

Manukau Courier front page:

The Wire – BFM 11/06/ 2015- link to listen to Dave Veart,  archaeologist and Otuataua Stonefields expert, and The Public Meeting,,

The Wire – BFM 12/06/2015 – Featuring Marama Davidson

Waatea News – 11/06/2015 –

Radio NZ: 11/06/2015 –

NZ Herald – 12/06/2015:

BFM – The Wire: SOUL presentation to the Heritage Advisory Panel – 15/06/2015:

3rd July: Here is a link to Marama Fox interview on The Wire 95bfm about the Oruarangi SHA:



You can sign a petition against the particular Special Housing Area here: Save Our Unique Landscapes (SOUL)

Remembering this particular area does not have adequate infrastructure at all levels. This includes roads, public transport, water, stormwater, and was last connected to the waste water system even though it is close to the Mangere Sewerage Plant.

Simply put you are putting a decent size housing area in the middle of nowhere with no infrastructure to back it up.

So looking at this whole situation it is probably not the most prudent to put an SHA at Ihumatao. How about redeveloping existing urban areas in Mangere instead with the land used so inefficiently for housing and the population rapidly growing there. THAT might be a better idea and a win-win for all.

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  1. No it shouldn’t Ben. We all talk about infrastructure in the tangible sense, frequently forgetting that as sociable creatures, us humans need spaces to socialise, reflect and refresh ourselves. Apart from it’s historical significance, Ihumatao is one such place that is good for the soul!

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