So. How Can Auckland Catch Up? – Feature Comment #AKLPols

Rather true before we can even start catching up

Yesterday in my So. How Can Auckland Catch Up? #AKLPols post I outlined six rather basic things we as a City can do to start catching up to our advanced cousins who we compete with. They were:

  1. Stock take on what Auckland has

  2. Four goals to achieve and set in the Auckland Plan

  3. Lay down the zones so we know where businesses will be and where the people will live (in both residential zones, and the Centres). These zones would be flexible especially in subsequent upzoning as the City continues to grow and get under way

  4. Build infrastructure connecting the two

  5. Build social and civic infrastructure to support the two

  6. Let rip and alter as the City evolves



All noble but things we need to so until someone pointed out something that does need to happen first if we are ever to catch up. That was:

Kurt T

Firstly, we need to vote those out that are unfit for governance. Especially the likes of Quax and Wood that have built their careers blustering on about fiscal prudence when it suits them, but standing by gilt-edged roading and stadium projects that don’t stand up to BCR scrutiny; a diversion of precious resources from creating a truly multi-modal transport city with housing choice.

Worse than being plain old ignorant, they knowingly cherry pick their opportunities to be outraged by Council spending.

It is true that if our Governance through the Governing Body of Auckland Council is not to par then we have the biggest stumbling block to even get anywhere in catching up.

So to those Councillors who are under performing at the moment consider yourself on Notice for #Auckland2016.