New Business Case Proposed for PENLINK

Groups seeking new way forward with PENLINK

From Auckland Council

A new Penlink business case is the way forward

Members of the business community and Hibiscus and Bays Local Board met with Michael Barnett, Chief Executive of the Auckland Chamber of Commerce, last week to discuss a way forward for Penlink.

The meeting was very positive and it was agreed that building Penlink as soon as possible is vital for Whangapāraoa Peninsula, Silverdale and the wider public. Penlink has the potential to improve transport connections and unlock investment. This will make it possible to develop employment land in and around Silverdale and Whangapāraoa Peninsula to increase employment and opportunities for local people.

A working party with representatives from local businesses, the local board and Chamber of Commerce will now be set up. The group’s purpose is to fund and develop a new joint business case that will reflect the high growth taking place on the Whangapāraoa Peninsula, Silverdale and surrounding areas.


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3 thoughts on “New Business Case Proposed for PENLINK

  1. Hi Ben. There are some very big flaws in the documentation that has been developed so far and I don’t see what can be added to yet another business case to try and make this project appear to be viable. Quite why the Auckland Chamber of Commerce is involved is beyond me as this project, in my opinion, has very little effect on local businesses and is aimed squarely at commuters to and from Auckland CBD. I am busy reading existing documentation at this time and will be presenting an alternative case asap.

      1. What it fails to acknowledge is the number of trips to schools. It also shows just how small an area of Whangaparaoa is expected to be covered by PENLINK.

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