Yet Another Tragedy at a Level Crossing – This Time at Walters Road Again

How Long Will Council and Auckland Transport Continue to Dither?

It is with sad news again that I am blogging of yet another accident this time leading to a fatality in the vicinity of the Walters Road, Takanini Level Crossing last night.

From Police Comms:

News, traffic and crime alerts

Walters Road, Takanini.

Train versus pedestrian fatality.

Thursday, 6 August 2015 – 6:15pm Counties Manukau

Police and other emergency services are currently at the scene of a train versus pedestrian fatality in Takanini.

The fatality has occured in the vicinity of the Walters Road rail crossing. The pedestrian has been struck by a Southbound train.

Further comment in relation to identification of the deceased will not be made until that identity is confirmed and appropriate family members have been advised.

Walters Road is currently blocked to all pedestrian and vehicular traffic, all train traffic in the vicinity has also been halted.

An investigation into the fatality is underway.

Motorists are advised to avoid the area and seek alternate routes to their destination. Contractors are in the process of placing cordons and advisory boards to assist motorists.

Further information will be made available when known.


So time to post this again from September LAST YEAR:

Crash at Walters Road Level Crossing

How much longer until Auckland Council, Auckland Transport and Kiwi Rail Grade Separate that Crossing?

It was bound to happen!

After the Kiwi Rail Rail Safety Campaign, a piece on TV, countless newspaper articles, presentations to Council and Auckland Transport, and even previous accidents tonight we have a car verses passenger train at the Walters Road, Takanini/Addison Level Crossing tonight.

Buses are running between Papakura and Homai as the accident site is cleared and train services suspended in that area. My thoughts also go out to the train crew and passengers involved in the accident.

So: How much longer until Auckland Council, Auckland Transport and Kiwi Rail Grade Separate that Crossing? And how many more accidents will it take before Auckland Transport stop jerking us around with the $28m apparent cost to grade separate out Walters Road Level Crossing. 

With Addison and Papakura developing the traffic which is already bad on Walters Road will only get worse!



And Council can not cry poor either in getting that crossing (and others like Morningside) separated out. Not when they are content wasting money towards a $1 billion truckway in Onehunga, and $472 million for the northern end of Mill Road of which both projects are gold plated flights of fancy right out of the 1960’s playbook (meaning cheaper and more effective upgrades could be done for both).

So what excuses this time Council and Auckland Transport that you have for us?

Time to make this an #Auckland2016 election issue with the promise to hound every Auckland Council Committee of the Whole, Governing Body, and Auckland Transport Board meeting every time they are held until the grade separation is done.