Auckland Development Committee Agenda

Productivity Commission and me giving public input in this month’s Committee meeting

On Thursday the Auckland Development Committee will meet for its monthly meeting.

Below are the agenda and attachment papers:

The Agenda


Yes I have asked for a Public Input spot in regards to the Manukau Interchange in which I have commented on here: Off to the Auckland Development Committee We Go.

But the other big agenda piece is the Council’s submission to the Productivity Commission’s draft report:

Auckland Council’s submission to the Productivity Commission’s Using Land for Housing Draft Report

File No.: CP2015/12650


  1. The purpose of this report is to seek endorsement of Auckland Council’s submission to the Productivity Commission in response to its Using land for housing draft report.

Executive Summary

  1. In June 2015 the Productivity Commission (the commission) released its Draft Report (the draft report) on the Using land for housing inquiry.
  2. There are many areas of the draft report that the council can support, and is already taking action on. However there are some propositions that have the potential to undermine the ability of councils to support local democratic decision-making.
  3. Neither the council nor central government can independently resolve the housing issues Auckland faces. Greater collaboration with central government is essential to addressing housing supply issues.
  4. A growing city delivers benefits for economic growth and some economies of scale in the provision of services. However, a larger population also provides service delivery challenges such as managing transport congestion, and increases the costs of building and operating assets to maintain existing service levels for all ratepayers.
  5. Within this context it is proposed that the following key messages are included in the council’s submission:
  6. a strong partnership with central government is required to solve Auckland’s housing challenges, and central government has existing levers which can be used to good effect. It is therefore proposed that the council:
  7. supports a more integrated planning framework
  8. does not support the establishment of a central government Urban Development Authority in Auckland but supports working alongside central government to achieve the objectives of Development Auckland

iii.    advocates for a full assessment of central and local government levers before concluding that direct ministerial intervention is required.

  1. the planning system needs some changes.  It is therefore proposed that the council:
  2. encourages early engagement ahead of notification
  3. supports a greater focus on robust benefit quantification and analysis in regulatory policy development

iii.    opposes limitations on the ability of local government to tailor planning rules to local issues.

  1. there are opportunities to address infrastructure financing through partnerships. It is therefore proposed that the council:
  2. supports partnership with private sector including iwi and central government to finance infrastructure.
  3. The council’s response to the commission is due on 14 August 2015 and is set out in the draft submission (Attachment A).

That the Auckland Development Committee:

a)      endorse Auckland Council’s submission to the Productivity Commission’s Using land for housing draft report, which includes the council’s responses to the commission’s findings, recommendations and questions.

b)      authorise the Committee Chair and Deputy Chair to finalise and approve the council’s  submission on the Productivity Commission’s Using land for housing draft report.


Full report can be seen in the main agenda above.

Speaking at Council
Speaking at Council

As I will be sitting through and observing the Committee after my input session it will be interesting to see how the submission gets amended.

I have noticed my Local Board (Papakura) has put in a submission piece along side in which I noticed their reluctance for height and density controls to be stripped out – of the Unitary Plan. Given that the density controls are gone out of the Residential Zones, and height controls will struggle to stay where they are in both the Metropolitan Centres and the Residential Zones the Local Board might want to pay very close attention to the Unitary Plan proceedings at the moment.

Also given that I am in favour of more liberal controls in the Unitary Plan this will makes things interesting as well.

9:30am Town Hall this Thursday or you can watch the live stream (will link on Thursday) is when the Committee will be in session.