Auckland Transport Tendering For New South Auckland Bus Network

Tenders open until 28th September


More Information on Southern Auckland’s network

Auckland Transport announced today that has sent our Tender requests to providers for the New South Auckland Bus Network due to start next year.

This from Auckland Transport:

New Network for south Auckland

The New Network for south Auckland was consulted on in 2013. Changes are expected to be implemented in late 2016.

Implementing the southern New Network

The implementation date for the southern New Network has always been subject to a competitive tendering process, the implementation of Ōtāhuhu Interchange and integrated fares.

Tendering process

The tenders for Auckland’s south bus services, including Pukekohe and Waiuku open on 17 August 2015 and close on 28 September 2015.

These competitive processes can take between one and one-and-a-half years from time of tender, advertising and awarding contracts, depending on how many operators place bids and also whether the winner is a current or new operator. Successful operators are given 9 months to mobilise for the introduction of new services, which gives new operators the opportunity to bid for these services.

Information for interested suppliers

Route breakdown for south units

To assist interested suppliers with their tender preparations, we have compiled a list of the routes that comprise the south Auckland units to be competitively tendered. Download the list of routes (PDF 224KB)

To access tender notices and receive notifications of the tender release, please register at Tenderlink. Once you have registered, information is located on the ‘All Current Tenders’ page.

The Public Transport Operating Model (PTOM)

PTOM is a service-contracting framework under the Land Transport Management Act 2003, ratified by NZ Transport Agency (NZTA). It introduces a new approach to planning and contracting public transport services to enable less reliance on public subsidy and ensure services are procured effectively. This approval enables Auckland Transport (AT) to competitively tender new bus service contracts. This will mean AT can implement the New Network across Auckland.

Under the PTOM, AT takes the revenue and pays operators the total cost in monthly instalments rather than the present system which sees the operator taking the revenue and being paid a subsidy.

The system is very similar to those successfully operated in London and several Australian cities.

The contracts will be tendered in various rounds based on geographic location starting with south Auckland, including Pukekohe and Waiuku, followed by west Auckland.

Benefits of the model are explained in more detail in the Cabinet paper and related Regulatory Impact Statement, which are available on the Ministry of Transport website:

Ōtāhuhu bus train interchange

The new interchange at Ōtāhuhu is currently scheduled to be finished in the second quarter of 2016. Six new bus routes terminate or travel through this interchange.

Find out more about the new interchange at Ōtāhuhu

Manukau bus train interchange

Manukau has been identified as a major bus-train interchange location. Thirteen new bus routes are proposed to use the new interchange, 10 of which will terminate there. There will be interim on-street bus stop arrangements for the New Network until the interchange is completed.

Find out more about the Manukau bus-train interchange

Te Mahia and Westfield stations

Te Mahia station will remain open. The closure of Westfield station will be aligned with the planned opening of the Otahuhu Bus Interchange.

A new way of calculating fares

We are planning to implement simplified zone fares in 2016 (before the New Network changes are made) that calculates a fare based on how many zones people travel through as part of their journey. This will ensure people will not be charged more for transferring as part of their journey. Public consultation began in May 2015.



The announcement of who won the Tenders should be out next year before we start the new network for the South.

The rest of Auckland will have its Tenders done in due course.