Franklin Local Board August, 2015 Meeting

Pukekohe Station Upgrade and those Diesel Shuttles being watched – closely

On the 25th of August (Tuesday week) the Franklin Local Board will meet for its monthly meeting. Given that Franklin Local Board area in the deep south of Auckland faces a clash between its elite soils we use for our market gardens against the ever growing urban Auckland, Franklin is an area I am keeping a close eye on.

You can read the August agenda (web version) here:

Franklin Local Board 25 August 2015

Auckland Transport Update – August 2015

File No.: CP2015/13477


  1. Providing an update on transport matters for the information of the Franklin Local Board and a register of transport issues in the Franklin Local Board area, as collated by Auckland Transport’s Elected Member Relationship Manager (South).

Executive Summary

  1. This report covers matters of specific application and interest to the Franklin Local Board and its community, matters of general interest relating to Auckland Transport activities or the transport sector, and Auckland Transport media releases for the information of the Board and community.
  2. In particular, this report provides information on:
    1. The Franklin Local Board’s transport capital fund
    2. Pukekohe station update
    3. Pukekohe diesel shuttle services
    4. Response to Franklin Local Board July 2015 resolutions
    5. Whitford village update
    6. Waiuku pavers update
    7. Update on Crown Road level crossing
    8. Public transport patronage for June 2015.

That the report entitled ‘Auckland Transport Update – August 2015’ and the attached issues register from Auckland Transport’s Elected Member Relationship Manager (South) be received.


Franklin Items

A1. Local board transport capital fund (LBTCF)

  1. The Franklin Local Board’s funding allocation under the LBTCF is currently $434,966 per annum.
  2. The Board’s current LBTCF projects are included in the table below (in which ROC = rough order of costs, and FEC = firm estimate of cost):
ID# Project Description Progress/Current Status
083 Pukekohe East Road-Mill Road/Harrisville Road intersection, Bombay/Pukekohe – installation of variable 70 km/h rural intersection activated warning signage (RIAWS)

·      FEC estimate of $67,000

·      On 26-Nov-13, the Board gave construction approval for the project based on the FEC of $67,000.

·      The nation-wide trial sites for RIAWS were only for the period from Jul-12 to Jul-14.

·      Waikato District Council has formalised the variable speed limit on the southern side of Pukekohe East Road-Mill Road.  AT approved the variable speed limit on the northern side of the road in Jun-14.

·      The NZTA has been evaluating the results of the trial sites and will determine criteria and standards for the permanent approval of such sites this year.

·      AT is determining with NZTA whether the new permanent standards will closely follow the trial standards (so installation at Mill/Harrisville can be progressed sooner) or whether installation must await the issue of permanent standards.

074 Third View Avenue, Beachlands – install 300m of new kerb and channel between Sunkist Bay Road and Cherrie Road (both sides)

·      FEC estimate of $230,000

·      On 15-Apr-14, the Board gave approval to proceed with construction.

·      Construction is completed except for final chipsealing, which needs to wait for more favourable weather.

·      Final costs to be reported.

254 Tobin Street car park lighting improvements

·      ROC estimate of $35,000

·      Final cost of $35,175

·      Construction was completed in early May-15.

·      Final cost reported at $35,175.

249 Pukekohe North streetlighting LED improvements

·      ROC estimate of $201,000

·      Project currently on hold

·      On 26-Aug-14, the Board gave approval to proceed with construction in 18 streets.

·      On 24-Mar-15, the Board resolved to put this project on hold pending further advice from AT on when its regional streetlighting upgrade project may be implemented in the Pukekohe and Waiuku urban areas.

·      AT has advised that no areas within Franklin are likely to be upgraded to LED lighting under the regional Light Switch Project in the current financial year.  Given this advice, the Board may wish to consider whether to re-activate this project to ensure that the LED improvements are implemented more quickly.

·      The Board has requested further information on the priorities and allocation of funding of the regional project.  A workshop has been scheduled with the Board in early Sep-15.

250 Waiuku South streetlighting LED improvements

·      ROC estimate of $70,000

·      Project currently on hold

·      On 26-Aug-14, the Board gave approval to proceed with construction in three streets.

·      As per #249 above, this project is currently on hold but the Board may wish to consider resuming the project.

348 Kaiwaka Road new footpath, Waiuku

·      FEC estimate of $66,500

·      On 26-Aug-14, the Board gave approval to proceed with construction based on the ROC estimate of $50,000.

·      On 28-Jul-15, the Board authorised that construction should continue based on the firm estimate of $66,500.

·      Construction work began in the first week of Aug-15 and is expected to be completed by the end of the month, weather permitting.

349 Pacific Street new footpath, Waiuku

·      Revised ROC of $147,500

·      On 26-Aug-14, the Board gave approval to proceed with construction.

·      On 16-Jun-15, the Board approved the expansion of the project to further include road stormwater work, new kerb and channel, and land purchase at the bend on Pacific Street to ease the corner radius, and approved construction based on the revised ROC subject to consultation with the affected landowner.

·      AT has completed survey work and is currently doing the design work prior to consultation with the affected landowner regarding land purchase.

·      Pacific Street is due to be resealed by AT this financial year.  AT is investigating whether the required drainage work elements can be funded as part of the maintenance work, by either AT or Council Stormwater.

371 Whitford bus interchange

·      FEC estimate of $200,000

·      Construction has been completed, including streetlighting installation.

·      Final costs to be reported but are expected to be in the order of $160-165,000.

248 Hunua pedestrian facility

·      FEC estimate of $54,000

·      On 9-Dec-14, the Board gave approval to proceed with construction, based on the FEC of $54,000.

·      Opus is progressing the detailed design, consultation and TCC approval.  It is expected this will be completed by the end of Aug-15.

·      AT will develop the contract and call tenders in parallel with the TCC process so that the contract is ready to award as soon as TCC approval is received.

443 Upgrade of Beachlands town centre gardens ·      The Board’s transport portfolio has requested AT to provide a ROC for upgrading the existing town centre gardens in Beachlands.
## Second View Avenue, Beachlands – installation of new kerb and channel between Wakelin and Bell Roads (both sides) ·      The Board’s transport portfolio has requested AT to provide a ROC for this remaining section of Second View without kerb and channel, given it’s close proximity to the village centre.
## Kitchener Road angle parking and garden upgrade, Waiuku ·      A Board transport portfolio holder has requested AT to provide a ROC for upgrading the Kitchener Road angle parking and garden in Waiuku.
  1. The Franklin Local Board’s transport capital fund to date is summarised below.

Franklin Local Board transport capital fund summary:

Total funding available (across 5 FYs – 2012/12 to 2016/17) $2,174,830
Completed projects reporting actual costs (Second View Ave kerb and channel; Patumahoe/Waiuku/Attewell investigation; Pukekohe station overbridge; Ardmore School footpath; Harris St bench; Pukeoware School signs; Waiuku pavers upgrade; Third View Ave kerb and channel projects x1; Awhitu flag lighting; Tobin St car park lighting) -$599,867
Projects approved for construction based on rough or firm estimates(Mill/Harrisville electronic signage; Third View Ave kerb and channel projects x1;Kaiwaka Rd footpath; Pacific St footpath; Whitford bus interchange; Hunua pedestrian facility) -$939,500
Projects approved for construction but currently placed on hold (Pukekohe North x18 & Waiuku South x3 streetlighting improvements) +$271,000
Projects awaiting ROCs (Beachlands town centre gardens upgrade; Second View Ave further kerb and channel; Kitchener Road angle parking and garden upgrade) ?
Funding still available to allocate $906,463

A2. Pukekohe station update

  1. The scope of works for the project is a bus interchange, park and ride, new station overbridge (noting there is no specific station upgrade scope included in this project) and improvements to the Custom Street, Harris Street and Manukau Road intersections to cater for the new bus network.
  2. The budget for the project is $13.7m across the 2015/16 and 2016/17 financial years.
  3. The current project status is as follows:
    1. NZTA funding requests are being prepared and are anticipated to progress over the next two to three months.  A submission to NZTA for Design funding is planned for late August 2015.
    2. Investigation and concept design will be completed in late 2015.  Auckland Transport is preparing to engage a designer for the intersection investigation and plans for them to begin work in August 2015.
    3. Detailed design will be completed in the first quarter of early 2016, subject to approval of scope for the road intersection scope of works.  Agreement of the road intersection selected option is anticipated to be progressed concurrently with the bus interchange to enable Auckland Transport to apply for NZTA funding for the construction at the earliest opportunity.
    4. Auckland Transport has confirmed that the service centre vehicle crossings will need to be closed to allow the operation of the initial bus interchange and it is preferred that these vehicle crossings remain closed permanently due to safety concerns following the increased usage of Custom Street.
    5. There may be a requirement for a Christmas 2016 rail block of line to install the permanent overbridge and preparatory works for the proposed lifts.  Plans for the project are still being worked through and any such requests for rail closures will be progressed in accordance with the agreed process, noting that customer information is prioritised.  This will be reviewed in more detail as the project develops.
    6. Completion of the overall scope of works is anticipated for mid-2017.
  1. The priority for the overall scope is to construct the bus interchange as a top priority to ensure the New Network bus route roll-out can be accommodated.
And away she goes on her maiden trip from Papakura to Britomart on the Southern Line.
And away she goes on her maiden trip from Papakura to Britomart on the Southern Line.

One day we will get the Electrics all the way to Pukekohe….

A3. Pukekohe diesel shuttle services

  1. Auckland Transport is aware of a number of issues that have negatively impacted on the startup of the Pukekohe diesel shuttle service since the introduction of all-electric services across the electrified network on 20 July, and agrees that the provision of rail services has been well below expectations, particularly in the initial stages.
  2. Auckland Transport is actively managing the issues that have arisen in partnership with Transdev and KiwiRail, and is having daily meetings to monitor both performance on the network and the operation of the shuttle service.  Collective efforts are focused on eliminating the root causes which have been impacting on customers at Pukekohe.
  3. Performance of the diesel shuttle was negatively affected during the first three days of operations by a staffing issue, mechanical faults, points failures and dropped tracks.  There has been considerable improvements in the service since those first three days, with the only other big impact being a signal fault at Pukekohe in the early morning of 6 August.
  4. From 20 July through to 10 August, punctuality (services arriving within 5 minutes of schedule at final destination) is recorded at 96.98% while reliability (planned services completing their journey) is recorded at 97.55%.  Since 20 July, Auckland Transport now operates 64 one-way shuttle services between Pukekohe and Papakura daily (on working weekdays).
  5. In the short term, Auckland Transport has agreed for Transdev to provide a higher level of supervision at Pukekohe, to assist with right time train departures, and staff have been reassigned to Papakura and Pukekohe to provide a more visible customer service presence.
  6. Auckland Transport is in discussions with KiwiRail and the following mitigation work will be carried out between 15 August and Labour weekend in October to further improve service delivery:
  7. Upgrade Pukekohe with new point’s motors, cables and ducting to improve reliability.  Planned maintenance will take place between Papakura and Pukekohe, including sleeper replacements.
  8. From early September, driver DMU conversion training will be completed, and Pukekohe train services will be provided by the DMU trains, which will improve reliability.
  9. Auckland Transport has instructed Transdev (in conjunction with KiwiRail) to review the train operations at Papakura to ascertain if any adjustments can be made to allow for a more seamless transfer for passengers.  This will also include reviewing the transfer time allowance per train, and cross platform transfers.

A4. Response to Franklin Local Board July 2015 resolutions

  1. At its July meeting, under item 16 “Auckland Transport Update – July 2015”, the Franklin Local Board passed the following resolutions:

Resolution number FR/2015/118

  1. b)         That the Franklin Local Board requests Auckland Transport provides more information on why no new projects in Franklin are being allocated regional funding for LED streetlighting improvements, considering it is a priority strategic town in Auckland Council’s future growth strategy.
  2. c)         That the Franklin Local Board requests Auckland Transport give urgent attention to the impact of the current train scheduling for those with disabilities and mobility issues transitioning at Papakura.
  1. In response to resolution FR/2015/118 b), Auckland Transport has arranged to attend a Franklin Local Board workshop in early September to supply further information.
  2. In response to resolution FR/2015/118 c), as noted in item A3 above, Auckland Transport has instructed Transdev (in conjunction with KiwiRail) to review the train operations at Papakura to ascertain if any adjustments can be made to allow for a more seamless transfer for passengers, which will include reviewing the transfer time allowance per train, and cross platform transfers.  The review will include consideration for those with disabilities and mobility issues.

A5. Whitford village update

  1. Following the construction of the new school bus interchange just north of Whitford village on Whitford-Maraetai Road, funded by the Franklin Local Board, concerns regarding the 70km/h speed limit through Whitford village continue to be raised, including those past the new interchange and the impact of this on the safety of the new facility.
  2. Auckland Transport has previously undertaken a speed limit review of Whitford village under the provisions of the Land Transport Rule: Setting of Speed Limits 2003, which did not support a lowering of the speed limit at that time.  However, central government regulations in relation to the setting of speed limits are currently under review, which may allow for some greater flexibility in the setting of speed limits.
  3. Following a site visit with the Franklin Local Board chairperson in early July, Auckland Transport has been investigating a number of initiatives to improve Whitford’s road safety issues as follows:
  4. A possible speed limit review/change throughout Whitford village is underway, which is subject to updated speed and traffic data surveys, an approval process involving NZTA and taking into account consistency with other similar village and road environments.  Speed and volume counts have been carried out at new locations to provide a better picture of the operating speeds within the village, with results expected mid-month, and a speed review meeting with NZTA and NZ Police is scheduled in late August.  Auckland Transport is working to resolve this as soon as possible and aims to have a decision on the speed limit review by the end of August.
    1. Auckland Transport has issued an instruction for the removal of the 70km/h repeater signs which are located on the village side of the bridge on Whitford-Maraetai Road.  There will be no change in the speed limit but the signs, which some drivers use as a target to speed after driving through the village, will be removed with the outcome that drivers travelling north should be less inclined to speed up after the bridge, outside Pohutukawa Park and the new bus interchange.
    2. Investigations are underway for village thresholds/gateways at all three approaches to the village.  Options are yet to be completed as the outcome is related to the speed limit review.
    3. As part of the proposed thresholds, Auckland Transport is also investigating a form of pedestrian facility for crossing Whitford-Maraetai Road north of the bridge, which would provide connectivity between the two recreational parks and reserve areas situated on both sides of the road.  The type of facility will be subject to other potential treatments (i.e. the speed limit review and village gateways) and also any roadside constraints.
    4. Road widening opposite the right turn movement into the carpark/lay-by area by the bus interchange is being included as an overall proposal for the eastern gateway approach to Whitford.

A6. Waiuku pavers update

  1. The Committee investigating a suitable replacement for the current Waiuku town centre pavers is looking further at a water- permeable ceramic brick paving product with a view to making a recommendation to the Franklin Local Board in time for its October business meeting.
  2. Auckland Transport is talking to the product supplier about trialling a limited selection of colours the ceramic brick pavers at selected sites within the Waiuku town centre as soon as possible.

A7. Update on Crown Road level rail crossing, Paerata (as provided by NZTA)

  1. The new ‘hook turn’ facility at the Crown Road intersection with SH22 at Paerata has been completed and was opened to traffic on 7 July after a ‘fit-for-purpose’ inspection by NZTA safety engineers.
  2. One more sign needs to be installed before the train speed restrictions can be lifted, and that installation is expected to occur by 14 August.

A8. Consultation documents on proposed improvements

  1. Consultation documents for the following proposals have been provided to the Franklin Local Board for its feedback.  As the Board’s transport portfolio holders provide feedback on the Board’s behalf, the material below is included for general information purposes only.
  2. At the conclusion of consultation, Auckland Transport considers the various consultation responses received and determines whether to proceed further with the project as consulted on, or proceed with an amended proposal if changes are considered necessary.
  3. Proposed pedestrian facility, Hunua Road, Hunua – At the request of the Franklin Local Board, Auckland Transport has reviewed pedestrian safety when crossing Hunua Road through Hunua village.  Hunua Road can be difficult to cross, being semi-rural with a speed limit of 70 km/h.  The area in the vicinity of the Hunua Community Hall was identified as an area which would benefit from measures to improve pedestrian crossing safety.  Although there is usually a low demand for pedestrians to cross the road outside the Hunua Community Hall, there are groups of school children from Hunua School who walk from Lockwood Road along the eastern side of Hunua Road to access the Hunua Community Hall.  There are also community events run at the Hunua Community Hall which require pedestrians to cross the road in this area.  It is proposed to install side islands on both sides of Hunua Road outside the Hunua Community Hall to provide a safe location to cross the road, combined with ‘No Stopping At All Times’ (NSAAT) parking restrictions on Hunua Road and an extension of the footpath on the eastern side of the road, as shown on the plan at Attachment A.  The Franklin Local Board has indicated its support for this proposal.

General Information Items

B1. Public transport patronage

  1. The summary patronage performance for June 2015 is presented below (NB: SOI = Statement of Intent):

  1. AT Metrol patronage totalled 79.2M for 12-months to June 2015 – growth of +9.5% against an SOI target of 73.7M.
  2. Rail patronage totalled 13.9M for the 12-months to June 2015 – growth of +21.7% against an SOI target of 12.1M.
  3. Northern Express patronage totalled 2.8M for the 12-months to June 2015 – growth of +17.2% against an SOI target of 2.5M.
  4. Bus patronage totalled 57M for the 12-months to June 2015 – growth of +6.6% against an SOI target of 53.7M.
  5. Ferry patronage totalled 5.5M for the 12-months to June 2015 – growth of +8.3% against an SOI target of 5.4M.

B2. Berm planting

  1. Auckland Transport has developed a draft policy setting out how private planting in the road berm might be managed.
  2. The draft policy has been approved to go out for consultation with local boards and Auckland Transport will be seeking either workshop or portfolio time to discuss the draft with interested local boards over the next month or so.

C3. Rail patronage breaking more records

  1. The Auckland rail network has broken another record, with annual rail patronage having exceeded 14 million for the first time for a rolling 12-month period, just five months after the previous record on 13 million passengers.  The new record came just days after the introduction of the full fleet of electric trains on 20 July.
  2. The new trains are now running from Papakura to Swanson on the electrified network and the response from customers has been extremely positive as they enjoy the quality of the trains and the extra services.  Auckland Transport with its operator Transdev now provide six trains per hour on the Eastern and Southern Lines and four trains per hour on the Western Line during peak weekday periods.
  3. As more trains arrive from Spain, it is hoped to increase the size of some peak services to six cars to cope with the increasing demand.  The last of Auckland’s 57 trains arrived at the beginning of August and will go into service once certified.
  4. Rail patronage in Auckland grew 21.7% in the year to the end of June, which is 2.5 million more passengers than in June last year.  When Britomart Transport Centre first opened in 2003, annual patronage was less than three million.
  5. The number using all forms of public transport in Auckland reached 79 million in the year to June, an increase of 9.5% or an extra 19,000 boardings per day on average.

C4. Upgrade to white light for Auckland streets

  1. Auckland Transport has begun New Zealand’s most ambitious LED replacement programme and is replacing 44,000 high pressure sodium (golden yellow light) street lights with energy efficient light emitting diodes (LED) luminaires.  Auckland Transport owns more than 100,000 street lights, approximately one third of the country’s total lighting stock.
  2. The first phase of the programme is being rolled out over five years, which means that nearly half of the region’s street lights will change from golden yellow light to white light.  The rest of the conversion to LEDs will potentially follow in four to five years.
  3. Auckland Transport has had a policy since 2012 that all new lights on pedestrian-dominated roads will be LED luminaires.  Changing the old lights to LEDs will reduce the energy consumption by more than 60%.  Auckland Transport already has approximately 2,000 energy efficient LED luminaires in service.  The roll-out will immediately see 1,000 lights replaced in the Mount Albert/Mount Roskill area.
  4. This project is expected to see net savings of $32 million over the 20 year design life of the LED luminaires.  LED technology is cheaper over time, and also safer and more efficient, making it a smart choice for both the community and Auckland Transport.  International experience has shown that white light is also a factor in crime prevention; delivers greater comfort and security and improves visibility and reaction times for drivers and pedestrians, resulting in fewer vehicle crashes and injuries.
  5. Auckland Transport has also just awarded for four new Street Light Maintenance and Renewals contracts for four years beginning in August, and Downer ITS won the central and south contracts.  The contracts include the replacement LED programme which began in May 2015.  Phase one of the contracts’ LED replacement programme focuses mainly on residential roads which comprise approximately 40% of the region’s streetlighting network.
  6. At the same time the new luminaires are changed, a Tele-management System (TMS) is being installed to manage and monitor the network.  Through better management of light levels, a further 15 to 20% of energy savings can be achieved.  The TMS will provide enhanced customer service as any faults on the network will be reported daily.
  7. Auckland Transport already has LED luminaires around Eden Park which are controlled by a TMS system, established under an earlier project which has also worked well by increasing light levels before and after events.

C5. New tender system for Auckland bus services

  1. In a milestone for the city’s transport services, Auckland Transport will soon be calling for tenders to operate its New Network bus services in south Auckland (including Pukekohe and Waiuku).
  2. These will be the first tenders called under the new Public Transport Operating Model (PTOM) system and the first PTOM tenders called to create the long awaited New Network.  This will mean major improvements to the way people travel on bus, train and ferry.
  3. With the southern tender process leading the way, invitations will be called progressively for bus operators to tender in other sectors; west Auckland will be next later this year.
  4. The tenders for Auckland’s south bus services will open on 17 August and close on 28 September.  The successful tenderers will be named early in 2016 and should be operating the New Network Services by October 2016.
  5. The New Network will create a region-wide network of bus, train and ferry services.  The key principle is to run a number of high frequency services that are designed to work together through easy connections, using a “hub and spoke” connected network.
  6. The services, where appropriate, will feed train services rather than duplicating them.  This will maximise the efficiency of the new electric rail fleet and between buses and trains, and provide more direct and frequent journeys for south Auckland and the rest of the region.
  7. The call for tenders represents a milestone both in providing bus services to Auckland’s travelling public and also in the way those services are provided.  PTOM is a service contracting framework under the Land Transport Management Act 2003, ratified by the NZTA.  It subsidises passenger routes and incentivises service providers to maximise efficient and effective delivery of public transport in a partnering arrangement with Auckland Transport.
  8. Maximising income and minimising subsidies will come from increasing the levels of patronage by improving the experience through convenient, safe, fast, frequent and reliable services in quality vehicles.  The system is very similar to those successfully operated in London and several Australian cities.
  9. The NZTA recently approved Auckland Transport’s Request for Tender process and documentation that will be used to attract tenderers and select the operators.
  10. Under PTOM, about half the region’s bus services will be contracted by competitive tender and the balance will be directly negotiated with the current bus operators.
  11. These arrangements differ significantly from the current part-contracted and part-deregulated system in which bus companies receive fare revenues and subsidies.

Issues Register

  1. The regular monthly issues register is Attachment B to this report.


Local Board Views

  1. The Board’s views will be incorporated during consultation on any proposed schemes.

Implementation Issues

  1. All proposed schemes are subject to prioritisation, funding and consultation.


No. Title Page
AView Plan of proposed new pedestrian facility, Hunua Road, Hunua Village 145
BView Issues Register – Franklin Local Board – August 2015 147


The Local Board meeting on Tuesday the 25th.