Okay so Manukau Ends Up With The Inter-City Buses Too? #AKLPols

Auckland Transport wants to move Inter-City bus operations from City Centre to Manukau

While on the back of myself and the Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board asking for please explains from Auckland Transport over the Manukau transport interchange (Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board Fighting the Good Fight #AKLPols #BetterAuckland) it seems Auckland Transport is having other ideas.

I caught this from Transport Blog this morning:

  • Manukau Bus-Train Interchange – AT are increasing the capacity of the interchange from 16 to 25 bays although two will be for bus layover. They say the key reason for the change is that the various inter-city bus operators will move from the CBD operate from there. Presumably this means that inter-city bus users going to/from the CBD will have to transfer to a train at Manukau. Particularly at peak times this might actually end up a faster outcome.

That was from the original AT Report:

Manukau Bus-Train Interchange: The contract design scope for this project has varied by negotiation to increase the capacity of the interchange from 16 bays to 25 bays (23 bays for services and 2 layover bays for buses. The increase is to accommodate the shift of Inter-city and other coach operators bus stop from the CBD. The current programme estimates construction completion in August 2017.


Source: http://transportblog.co.nz/2015/08/24/at-august-board-meeting/

So the project is to be completed a year late apparently and we get new Inter-City coach depot thrown into the mix as Auckland Transport literally boots them out of the City Centre?

Okay Auckland Transport better have a good set of reasoning and methodology behind all this and it better provide that reasoning and methodology to the Auckland Development Committee next month per the Resolution from that Committee this month.

I certainly do not mind Manukau having a dedicated Inter City bus exchange next to the main bus and train stations in servicing Southern Auckland. But heck AT your positioning and logic simply defies even gravity with this one. The location is wrong and it should be over the road at that land spot Nick Smith tried to pilfer for housing last month leaving Lot 59 with Metro buses and urban development around it.

Also are we sure we want to take inter-city buses out of the main City Centre?

I might put in a Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act (LGOIMA) request (under urgency) asking for the full methodology behind AT’s rationale here. The reason for urgency is that I consider this having implications to the Unitary Plan Centres Zone (051) topic which is due for its Hearings between 7-11 of September.

Fail that I am very tempted to go back to the Auckland Development Committee to seek an ALL STOP on the entire project, do a full stocktake and start again from absolute scratch given the troubled nature of the project. Or we play the design by Committee game….


2 thoughts on “Okay so Manukau Ends Up With The Inter-City Buses Too? #AKLPols

  1. What environmental impact would it have to shift all these busses from the centre to Manukau? I imagine a lot of extra kilometers (and work time) to get those busses to start their routes from central.

    1. It is case of where the bulk of the passengers are needing to. From what I saw yesterday when I asked what International cities do replies came in that Inter City bus depots are next to the big central transport stations as that is where people want to go.

      Sure there is remote stations line Papakura and Manukau in this case but your central station is in the City Centre.

      I am going to LGOIMA AT about this as it seem ill thought out – like most things from Auckland Transport these days.

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