Question: Should the Unitary Plan Take Into Account Inter-Regional Matters? #AKLPols

Questions for readers on the back of Council Rebuttal Evidence against the Super Metropolitan Centre Zone

Council Rebuttal Evidence finally came in this morning and as expected the Council has replied through that evidence against my Primary Evidence for the Super Metropolitan Centre Zone.

I will comment at length over the week before my hearing next Monday on the evidence and musings but I have this question for readers:

Do we via the Unitary Plan ignore all those commuters from Pokeno and Huntly coming to work in Auckland or do we factor them in?

The reason why I ask will be outlined tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Question: Should the Unitary Plan Take Into Account Inter-Regional Matters? #AKLPols

  1. Given that various Government Ministers have factored in a degree of urban sprawl, citing potential developments at the fringes, then it’s vital that these people be factored in. eg Meremere has a few subdivisions of local farmland taking place at considerably lower prices than Pokeno, just a few minutes down the road. These are the people that are going to power up the new southern industrial zones. I know several people that commute from Huntly too. They are very interested in their place in future plans. You keep the pressure on them Ben!!

    1. Thanks Grant and good point.

      I am still working through the Council’s Rebuttal Evidence for the Centres Zones of the Unitary Plan but here was one point I will be specifically referring to tomorrow

      The Ross approach would not in my view: better give effect to the provisions of B3.1; would increase the extent of complexity in the plan provisions; inappropriately be predicated on servicing markets outside the region

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