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Mixed Thoughts on the Daley Presentation

On Tuesday John Daley of The Grattan Institute of Victoria gave a presentation to the Auckland Conservation Series on “City Limits – The Urbanisation Challenge.”

The opening lines:

City Limits: the urbanisation challenge

1 September 2015

John Daley looks at how Australasian economies and cities are changing. Despite mining and agricultural booms, economic activity is gravitating towards big cities and their centres. These new patterns create challenges: longer commutes; geographic divides that limit opportunities for both businesses and individuals; and put social fabric under strain.

To make the most of 21st century urbanisation – and share the benefits fairly, there need to be reforms to planning, transport and taxation. These are the core of the reform agenda for our times.


You can see the video of the presentation here:

I was watching the presentation and the Q+A session afterwards and for the most part was Tweeting through it.

The selection of the Twitter Feed from that presentation piece can be seen at my Storify page here:

#AklConversations: John Daley on Urbanisation Challenges

As you might gather from the Storify feed linked above I was not particularly agree with portions of the presentation. Mainly because the geography and economic examples used were not easily translated back to Auckland apart from say when we were compared to Sydney.

The question asked by this person on our City Centre and the ten Metropolitan Centres was a excellent question to which Daley used the Sydney-Parramatta example. The very same example I am bringing across my Super Metropolitan Centre concepts at the Unitary Plan Hearings on Monday.

You can listen to the question and to the answer HERE.

It again leaves with the ultimate question: Should the Auckland Regional Policy Statement – Urban Growth factor in the rise of Waikato Satellites and them commuting into Auckland?


Council Rebuttal Evidence for Centres Zones In. Case of Inter-Regional Planning Needed? #nzpols

Map-B.1-Inter-Regional-Connectivity_120427_noTitle1 Source: http://theplan.theaucklandplan.govt.nz/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Map-B.1-Inter-Regional-Connectivity_120427_noTitle1.jpg
Source: http://theplan.theaucklandplan.govt.nz/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Map-B.1-Inter-Regional-Connectivity_120427_noTitle1.jpg