Manurewa Local Board Meeting – September 2015 #AKLPols

Auckland Transport says no to a roundabout

On Thursday the Manurewa Local Board will have its monthly meeting. You can read the web version of the Agenda HERE.

From the Transport Update section:

Manurewa Local Board – 10 September 2015

Auckland Transport Update – September 2015

File No.: CP2015/18510


  1. This report provides an update on local transport matters over the last month for the Manurewa Local Board (MLB).

Executive Summary

  1. This report contains a general monthly update on transport matters both locally and from across Auckland and a list of issues currently being addressed by Auckland Transport for the MLB.

That the Manurewa Local Board:

a)      receive the report entitled “Auckland Transport Update – September 2015”.

Responding to Resolutions

  1. Auckland Transport’s response to resolutions that require a specific answer, made by the MLB at previous meetings.

Resolution number MR/2015/138

That the Manurewa Local Board thank Rua Taniwha for his presentation regarding:

  • a)      the petition requesting traffic calming measures in Sykes Road and supporting the Auckland Transport initiatives in relation to traffic in Sykes Road.
  • b)      request the petition with the following prayer be forwarded to Auckland Transport for action, noting that Auckland Transport is currently consulting with the public for feedback on a proposal to install traffic calming measures in Sykes Road, Manurewa:
  • c)      Petition prayer: “We, the undersigned, petition Council to consider the need to install speed bumps (or similar) to help control the speed of traffic along the southern end of Sykes Road Manurewa.”
  • d)      Request a timeframe date for the completion of the kerb and channelling on Sykes Road near the Aquatic Centre
  • e)      Request Auckland Transport investigate the possibility of a roundabout be installed at the Sykes Road / Mahia Road intersection.
  1. The petition has been received and forwarded to the Road Safety Team who is responsible for delivery of the traffic calming measures in Sykes Road. The team were surprised and happy that they have been able to deliver a project that is so well supported by the local community.
  2. The request for development of a roundabout on the intersection Sykes and Mahia Roads has been discussed with both the Road Safety Team (who are installing the speed humps as part of a ‘Safety Around Schools’ project) and with the Road Corridor Operations Team (responsible for overall safety and ‘flow’ of traffic and would be responsible for building a new roundabout).
  3. The reason why the petitioner had requested a roundabout is not stated in the resolution. Auckland Transport has assumed that the objective of the request is either to improve safety or to allow easier egress from Sykes Road onto Mahia Road.
  4. With regards to safety a check of the safety history of the area does not a appear to show any issues with safety at this intersection and the speed humps being built in Sykes Road will slow traffic down and should reduce the number of people using Sykes Road as a ‘rat-run’ (commuter short cut). Therefore construction of a new roundabout cannot be justified on the basis of safety.
  5. An effect of building a roundabout at this location is that egress from Sykes Road into Mahia Road would be easier.  The consequences of it being easier to turn left or right from Sykes Road into Mahia Road are likely to be:
  6. Bigger delays for traffic on Mahia Road. With a roundabout people turning into Mahia Road from Sykes Road have ‘right of way’ stopping traffic and creating congestion on Mahia Road.
  7. More commuters using Sykes Road as a short cut.  A roundabout in this location allows people exiting Sykes Road onto Mahia Road to turn right or left easily.  This makes ‘rat-running’ along Sykes Road easier and more likely.  The effect would potentially be more traffic on Sykes Road something that both Auckland Transport and the community are trying to discourage.
  8. In summary, Auckland Transport does not believe that a roundabout is justified at this time at the intersection of Mahia and Sykes Roads. In fact a roundabout may have detrimental effects including; increasing the number of commuters using Sykes Road and creating additional delay on Mahia Road.

Resolution number MR/2015/138

  1. b)      That the Manurewa Local Board request a response from Auckland Transport in relation to the upgrade of the shelter and safety initiatives (including new CCTV cameras) for Te Mahia Station to ensure a safer, more attractive structure and environment for the public.
  2. This resolution has been discussed with the team responsible for managing railway stations.  At this time there are no plans to upgrade this station. With limited funding available any upgrade must be prioritized against the patronage of a particular station and at this time Auckland Transport is focused on station like Manurewa that have significant patronage.
  3. Although Te Mahia Station’s patronage has increased significantly it still caters to a relatively small group of commuters. In recent years cameras and lights have been installed and although there is a perception that this station is less safe than others on the network incident reporting does not support this perception.
  4. c)      That the Manurewa Local Board request that Auckland Transport defer footpath maintenance along Hill Road in the ‘arts and plants’ Manurewa Auckland Transport Capital Fund project until that project takes place.  The board want to replace the footpaths but want to ensure the project is done all at once.  The board want to ensure the community are consulted on the project.
  5. This resolution has been noted and forwarded to the project manager.


Berm Planting Policy

  1. Auckland Transport has written a draft document setting out how planting in the road berm might be managed. This draft has been approved to go out for consultation with Local Boards and was circulated to members of the Manurewa Local Board on 27 August 2015.
  1. Auckland Transport is seeking feedback from Local Boards. The closing date for feedback is 30 September 2015 and all Local Boards are encouraged to make a submission.

Rail Update – City Rail Link Appeals Process Completed

  1. The City Rail Link (CRL) has reached a major milestone with all appeals to its land designation now resolved by agreement or dismissed. The confirmed designation identifies land in the district plan for rail purposes and protects the route for the future.
  1. There were six appeals and five of them were settled and the appeal that went to the Environment Court has been dismissed. The designation is now confirmed subject to finalisation of conditions by the Environment Court.

Fig 1 – Artist’s Impression of the Proposed New Aotea Station – Deep under the Aotea Centre

Aotea Station concept Source: Auckland Transport
Aotea Station concept
Source: Auckland Transport
  1. Early works will start in and around Britomart in November 2015. While there are still some other planning processes to work through in relation to consents, Auckland Transport anticipates being able to start on the ‘cut and cover’ tunnel under  Albert Street in May 2016.
  1. Rail patronage in Auckland grew 21.7% in the year to the end of June, two and a half million more passengers than the previous year.
  1. When Britomart Transport Centre opened in 2003, annual rail patronage was less than three million. Future development in Auckland needs a reliable, efficient public transport system and the CRL will remove the current ‘bottleneck’ at Britomart allowing trains to circulate around the isthmus through Britomart rather than having to back out of the station before starting their journey.
  1. Auckland Transport’s replacement of the diesel fleet is complete and there are now six clean, modern, reliable electric trains per hour on the Eastern and Southern Lines and four trains per hour on the Western Line at peak hours. Completion of the CRL will allow even more rail services to be delivered.

Great South Road Corridor Management Plans (CMPs)

  1. Auckland Transport has been undertaking a refresh of the CMP for Great South Road in the Takanini area to take account of the works at the Takanini Interchange undertaken by NZTA.
  1. A CMP is not a detailed plan but outlines the types of planning that may be needed so that agencies can start planning budgets and work programmes in a coordinated way as early as possible.  CMPs are strategic documents designed to provide a 30 year framework for agencies working to maintain and improve transport along broad ‘corridors’ of movement.
  1. A CMP workshop is now planned to take place in the regular Transport Portfolio meetings.

Local Board Transport Capital Fund (LBTCF):

  1. MLB has a total pool of $2,392,297 available in this electoral term that can be spent on transport projects.
  2. In this electoral term the MLB has identified six projects that are being investigated. Details of the projects and their status are included in Attachment A.
  3. In the last month progress has been made in the following areas:
  • The project to upgrade Wiri Station Road is still working through ‘Detailed Design’;
  • The ‘Arts and Plants’ and ‘Great South Road Pedestrianisation’ project is still in detailed design but the ‘first cut’ of the plan for the route between Manurewa Town Centre and the Botanic Gardens has been circulated to the MLB. The projects are still expected to be able to report back with designs by September or October 2015.
  • The ‘Arts and Plants’ and ‘Great South Road Pedestrianisation’ project team has met with Auckland Council’s Public Art Team and started discussing the potential for integrating public art in the project or possibly at the Manurewa Station.
  • The project team has been contacted and is still confident that these projects are on track for delivery by June 2016.
  1. Details of the projects and their status are included in Attachment A.


No. Title Page
AView Summary of Manurewa Local Board Transport Capital Fund Projects 2013-2016 Electoral Term 21
BView Summary of consultation information sent to the Manurewa Local Board in August 2015 27



It is also of note that the Southern Motorway upgrade between Manukau and Papakura is due to start next month and bound to cause disruption. I will keep an eye on the Manurewa, and Papakura Local Boards’ agendas to see if Auckland Transport or NZTA update them on the upgrade happenings through to 2017.