Does It Always Take This Long For Reports to Council Committees? #AKLPols

Not due status update until December

Last month you might remember I was at the Auckland Development Committee requesting for a ‘Please Explain’ to Auckland Transport on the status of the Manukau Transport Interchange given constant delays and a push for an “interim” solution. Coincidently the Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board also asked for a ‘Please Explain’ amongst other things from Auckland Transport as well on the Interchange.

I have gone through today’s Auckland Development Committee Agenda and note that Auckland Transport have seen the request and are actioning it.


A briefing and workshop to the Councillors on the Committee is not due back to November or most likely December.

Delays, delays and more delays. I am wondering what the problem really is to not only get the interchange going but just to get a report back given the Interchange was sent to the then Auckland Plan Committee for approval in May 2013.

It is tempting to go back to the Committee next month and just call for an All Stop and do the entire thing again once the Unitary Plan goes live in July 2016 (subject to appeals). That way and hopefully the new Super Metropolitan Centre Zone will be in place and Southern Auckland (rather than Council and its CCO’s) can figure out what we exactly want for the area now and well into the future (remember Community Empowerment trumpted by the Mayor?). We might as well seeming we are getting a set of interim bus stops next year in time for the New Bus Network next year.

In the meantime I am still waiting on this information request from Auckland Transport over the decision to move inter-city operations away from the City Centre: Methodology behind wanting the Intercity Bus ‘Depot’ at Manukau Transport Interchange

Manukau Bus Interchange MK1 design Lodged May 2013
Manukau Bus Interchange MK1 design
Lodged May 2013