Busways and why Whangaparaoa could use one.

Whangaparaoa, Howick, Pakuranga, Botany-Manukau, North Western Motorway; all prime candidates for good quality dedicated bus ways to get the people moving (both by bus and car) where Heavy Rail is not available and light rail is either a long way off or non viable.

Potential exists for Whangaparaoa being close to Silverdale and the Albany (Super) Metropolitan Centre. Will our leaders realise this?

(Answer is No)

The Orewa Urbanist

Pic courtesy of https://dgunderblog.wordpress.com/ Pic courtesy of https://dgunderblog.wordpress.com/

We know that the old suburbs in central Auckland were developed around the tram network. Indeed the tram network was the creator of the corridors we now know as Dominion Road, Mt Eden Road and Sandringham Road (and many others).

But, how do we emulate the kind of dense development the tram network created but without adding huge costs? Buses. Yes, dedicated busways added into existing transport corridors. Would it work? Well, in places globally that have introduced right of way bus lines, they work very well. Some were even built as a part of the development. They serve local areas and connect to Rapid Transit for longer journeys. Here is a couple of great blog posts about such a place. The subject is Almere in the Netherlands.



How does this relate locally? Imagine if you will, a reinvigorated Whangaparaoa Road with pockets of…

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