Pukekohe Transport Interchange Construction Due to Start 2016 #BetterAuckland

Irony not lost with Manukau’s Interchange either


Great news for those living in the Franklin District with the announcement of the construction of the Pukekohe Transport Interchange due to start in 2016.

From Voxy:

Pukekohe station upgrade to improve transport connections

Monday, 5 October, 2015 – 09:32

Construction will begin in the first half of 2016 on the upgrade of Pukekohe Station to a new bus-train interchange.

The project, being delivered in partnership with the NZ Transport Agency, is expected to cost about $13 million.

The upgrade will feature a park and ride for about 80 vehicles, a six-bay bus interchange, cycle parking, a covered walkway and a new canopied pedestrian over-bridge linking buses to trains. Auckland Transport is about to begin work on detailed design.

The new bus-train interchange is at the heart of the new public transport network to be rolled out across Pukekohe and Waiuku by October 2016. New bus services, operating every 30 minutes, seven days a week from 7am to 7pm, will connect to trains at the interchange.

Temporary bus stops will be in place during construction to allow the new network to operate smoothly until the interchange is completed in mid-2017.

The new public transport network is designed to maximise the efficiency of the entire public transport network between buses and trains and provide more frequent journeys to get around south Auckland and the rest of the region.

Franklin Local Board Chair, Andy Baker, welcomes the proposed changes to Pukekohe Station.

“We all know about the pressures of growth in the wider Pukekohe area and the challenges we currently have with our rail based public transport.

“The upgrade of Pukekohe station is incredibly important as we try to make travelling by rail more attractive to people and this is actually something that we can control.

“Creating the ability for people to transfer between buses and trains, together with the improved bus networks in Pukekohe will hopefully reduce the need for people to park their cars in and around the station.

“Similarly, we want to really promote the use of bicycles to get to and from the station, especially with Pukekohe being a relatively flat and easy place to bike around. I am keen to see additional things like a coffee cart or café at the station and a reflection of our history there as well.”

Councillor Bill Cashmore says it’s great that improvements are on the way for Pukekohe commuters.

“It’s a huge growth area and I’m pleased to see we are finally getting a transport interchange that will be able to cope with the increased demand.”

Auckland Transport Project Director, Nick Seymour, says the new interchange will make it easy to use the new bus services being introduced with the new Pukekohe public transport network.

“Pukekohe Station will be at the heart of the area’s new public transport network, so one of our priorities is to provide a modern and accessible interchange that connects commuters both locally and to the wider region.”

Key features are likely to include:

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Auckland Transport will also be engaging with mana whenua, Franklin Historical Society and the Franklin Local Board to identify possible opportunities to incorporate cultural and historical connections into the design.


Source: http://www.voxy.co.nz/national/pukekohe-station-upgrade-improve-transport-connections/5/233513


From Auckland Transport:

Pukekohe bus-train interchange

A new bus-rail interchange at Pukekohe station is planned for construction from around mid-2016. The interchange will facilitate the new public transport networkthat will be introduced across Pukekohe and Waiuku.

Project purpose

Auckland Transport is moving to a simpler and more integrated public transport network as part of theIntegrated Transport Programme.

A new network of buses and trains will change the way people travel, including the provision for improved facilities and need for some passengers to transfer at key interchanges.

Find out more about the New Network for Pukekohe and Waiuku.


  • Connectivity between new network buses and rail at Pukekohe station.
  • Facilitate increased rail and bus services, improving public transport connectivity within the Franklin community and wider Auckland region.
  • Bus and train timetables will be aligned.


2015 – NZTA funding for design and detailed design.
2016 – NZTA funding for construction; construction starts.
2017 – Construction works completed.


Project details

  • 6-bay bus interchange.
  • New canopied pedestrian over-bridge, linking the buses with the rail platform and Station Road with stairs and lifts, making it more accessible.
  • Covered walkway between the new bus stops and station over-bridge.
  • Park and ride facility for approximately 80 vehicles.
  • Cycle parking facilities.
  • Plans to provide public toilets within the interchange area.
  • Improved pathways leading to the interchange.
  • Improvements to the Manukau Road and Custom Street and Harris Street intersections to aid bus movements.

Information session

Find out more about the proposed upgrade to Pukekohe Station at an information session on Wednesday, 14 October 2015 from 5pm – 7 pm at Pukekohe Station.

For more information about this project

Contact Auckland Transport


Excellent that an often forgotten part of Auckland is getting some attention and much needed investment through this new transport interchange

Which is ironic given that it seems everyone but Manukau is getting their interchanges while we at Manukau wait with delays and now Auckland Transport up to their fourth set of designs for the proposed interchange.