Scuttlebutt Abound on a Goff-Simpson Mayor, Deputy Mayor Ticket #Auckland2016

Has Goff done the deal with the Nats?


The scuttlebutt has lit up Twitter since The NBR, and Political Science academic Dr Bryce Edwards alluded to earlier on today that Auckland mayoral-aspirant Labour’s Phil Goff might have done a deal with National who are currently in Government.


The deal as I have it has been discussed on Twitter might be the following:

  1. Goff as Mayor
  2. Orakei Local Board Chair Desley Simpson takes over Orakei Ward from Cameron Brewer, Simpson would then become Deputy Mayor under Goff
  3. Shake up in the South with new candidates mounting serious challenges against incumbents


The NBR has more up on its website (behind the paywall) but it seems the cards are now falling into position for next year’s Local Elections