Auckland Alcohol Ban Areas Finalised

New bans in response to law change finalised


From Auckland Council:

Auckland alcohol ban areas finalised

From 31 October, the Auckland region will have 726 alcohol ban areas due to a review under the Alcohol Control Bylaw 2014 by Auckland Council and Local Boards.

Auckland had to review more than 1,630 existing alcohol bans across the region due to a requirement of the Local Government Act and only retain those bans that met stricter national criteria.  Any bans without sufficient evidence to retain, will lapse.

Cr Calum Penrose, Chair of the Regulatory and Bylaws Committee, says “Alcohol bans were put in place several years ago to keep public places safe and to discourage people from drinking alcohol in open areas and being disruptive. Auckland residents are now familiar with the concept of alcohol bans and responded to this review by providing evidence to keep key bans in their local communities.”

To keep a ban, evidence of alcohol-related crime or disorder specific to an existing ban area was needed. Community input was invaluable to the review process with 2,000 submissions received, providing the Boards with additional evidence of recent alcohol problems happening in the ban areas.   Historical data and Police data was also used to finalise ban areas that could be retained under the new criteria.

Of the 726 alcohol bans that will be in place as of 31 October include:

  • 508 existing alcohol ban areas retained with no change in time or geographical area;
  • 173 existing now made into 93 larger alcohol ban areas e.g. playground, car park in park area now one large area covering whole park;
  • 118 existing alcohol bans that have had times and/or geographic boundary extended;
  • 7 new ban areas made; and
  • there is on-going provision to make new alcohol bans in the future if there are high levels of alcohol-related crime or disorder.


Additionally, council reviewed 14 bans on areas of regional significance including Maunga (volcanic cones) and regional facilities such as the Auckland Domain and Zoo. Seven of the existing regional alcohol bans will lapse on 31 October 2015.

The alcohol ban areas that remain in place will have signage and maps of the areas are available on the council website.  Police will also have access to information on all alcohol ban areas which will assist them in monitoring any crime or disorder in these areas. Drinking in any alcohol ban area is a breach of the bylaw and may incur a fine of $250.



Further Information

Stricter criteria was set by the government to keep an alcohol ban area and evidence of alcohol-related crime or disorder was needed.  Examples include:

  • alcohol-related broken glass and/or litter
  • inappropriate behaviour as a result of drinking alcohol (people congregating in public places, drinking alcohol and being noisy and disruptive to neighbours
  • people drinking alcohol which leads to aggressive, intimidating or offensive behaviours towards others.



For more check the September and/or October agendas of the respective Local Boards HERE.



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