Auckland Transport October Report. Rail Punctuality 98%, Southern Line the Busiest Line

September figures are out and quite good to the point of quite impressive


The latest Auckland Transport Board agenda is out along with the latest figures that include public transport. You can read the figures HERE.


Key Highlights from the rail network in the Month of September include:

  • Patronage growth up another 21.8% for Year to Date ending September, 2015
  • Southern Line leading the charge with patronage growth at some 30% meaning it is now the busiest line after overtaking the Western Line (see figures below)
  • Total patronage for the rail network stands as of 12 months to September 14.6 million meaning the 20 million target is on track for 2017
  • Punctuality for September is at 98% while the 12 month rolling average is 94.9%
  • Major incidents for September included:
    • A fight between a group of youths caused disruption to Eastern Line services on 4 September
    • Two signal faults (at New Lynn on 11 September and Newmarket on 24 September) caused disruption to AM peak services.
    • In addition there were two track faults at Westfield on 17 September and Paerata on 27 September that impacted service delivery.
    • On 16 September a train fault at Penrose disrupted morning peak services and an ETCS fault, also at Penrose, disrupted evening peak services later the same day.

Source: Auckland Transport Business Report covering September, 2015


The Patronage Figures broken down by Rail Line (also includes buses and ferries)

Rail Patronage Sept 15 Source:
Rail Patronage Sept 15



As for the Manukau and Otahuhu Bus Interchanges:

Manukau Bus-Train Interchange

The concept design phase of the project is now complete and the design will be presented to the Capital Review Committee, prior to seeking public feedback. The current programme estimates construction completion in August 2017.

Ōtāhuhu Bus-Train Interchange

Enabling works are now complete and the contractor has demobilised from site. The main construction works have been tendered and contract award is expected by the end of October. The current programme indicates that construction will be complete by 31 July 2016 to align with the Southern New Bus Network rollout



I will raise the issue over the Manukau Interchange with the Deputy Mayor tomorrow as the constant delays are beyond unacceptable to the South.


Also Auckland Transport have said there will be train services running on Christmas Day and Box Day for the Western Line and the Eastern Line from Britomart to Sylvia Park. The Southern and Onehunga Lines are closed (as well as Sylvia Park to Manukau) owing to NZTA works at Ellersile and Takanini (Southern Motorway upgrades) and Auckland Transport working on the Otahuhu Interchange.

Otahuhu Transport Interchange Source: Auckland Transport
Otahuhu Transport Interchange
Source: Auckland Transport


So rather than getting stuck looking for a car park at Sylvia Park this year you can catch a train unless you are coming in from the South.



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