Off to Next Round of #UnitaryPlan Hearings

Residential Zones is the name of the game


Today I will be back at the Unitary Plan Hearings to present my submission on the Residential Zones of the Unitary Plan.

In short I am looking at replacing the four current proposed urban residential zones of the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan with seven new ones to allow both allow liberalisation of development controls while allowing easier spatial allocation of easier to understand base residential zones determined by lot size and/or height.


My original Unitary Plan Submission in full can be read below:


Primary Evidence which has amendments to my original submission:


Council Legal Submission (see page 47):


Council Rebuttal Evidence (see page 12):


Will let you know how the Panel received the presentation tomorrow.


Layton Suburbia at Night Spot the bus station
Layton Suburbia at Night
Spot the bus station