Annual Plan 2016/2017 to be Deliberated with $3.7b Budget Set #AKLPols

Finance and Performance Committee to discuss new $3.7b budget


From Auckland Council:

Auckland Council’s $3.7 billion budget for 2016/17

Auckland Council’s 2016/17 Annual Plan process has begun with a series of workshops held ahead of today’s Finance and Performance committee meeting which will identify its preferences on what issues should be consulted on.

Finance and Performance committee chair Councillor Penny Webster has welcomed the different approach to the process.

“These workshops have been helpful in understanding the process of the Annual Plan, which is different this year, and has helped us solidify our understanding of the issues that we want to talk to Aucklanders about,” she says.

“We are talking about $3.7 billion of operating expenditure in 2016/17, with $1.9 billion budgeted for capital expenditure.

“Aucklanders will see this spend making a tangible difference to the region, with projects such as the CRL getting underway, completion of the Westgate multi-purpose library and community centre and the continuation of the AMETI project just some of the projects we will see in the 2016/17 year.

“We know from the detailed work undertaken through the Long-term Plan that the council is on a solid financial footing, and this Annual Plan process provides us with an opportunity to re-look and examine some of the things that could potentially be changed if needed.”

Items discussed at the workshops have included the composition of the Interim Transport Levy, the Uniform Annual General Charge and the rating policy for Maori freehold land.



Consultation for the Annual Plan would be early next year before becoming operative July 1, 2016.