Do Not Forget to Submit on @AklTransport Manukau Bus Interchange #BetterAuckland

Submissions close November 20


Don’t forget to submit on the Manukau Bus Transport Interchange concepts by Auckland Transport before the close date of Friday November, 20.

You can submit on the concepts below:

Have your say

Public consultation on the design of the Manukau bus station is open from Monday, 2 November 2015 to Friday, 20 November 2015.

We’d like know what facilities you like or want changed or added.

Give your feedback online

If you are visually impaired or have difficulty completing the online feedback form, call us on (09) 366 6400 and our call centre staff can complete the form on your behalf.




If you do not like the Auckland Transport designs for Manukau I do have an alternative for you that you can use for your submission.

Below is my submission to Auckland Transport for my alternative to the Manukau Bus Transport Interchange:

Feel free to download it from the scribd page (5MB) and upload it to the Auckland Transport submission page (they have an upload file link on the page) in support of your own submission. Just remember please:

Note on use of Intellectual Property and this submission.

Others may use this submission as part of their own submission to Auckland Transport on the Manukau Bus Transport Interchange. Attribution to Benjamin Ross at must be provided however.

Intellectual Property (3D models) used by me in the renderings remains to the authors of that property. The renderings I have both produced in pencil and Sketchup format are my own Intellectual Property and are free to use providing attribution as above is provided.

The Duo-Gard Sentry cycle lock up and the Cycle Station are the property of Duo-Gard:



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Again remember you have until November 20 to get your submission in for an Interchange that we will be with for at least 50 years. So lets get this right for the benefit and use of Southern Auckland!