Three Kings Housing Development a Step Closer #AKLPols

Auckland Development Committee approves land swap at Three Kings


From Auckland Council

Three Kings housing development a step closer with land exchange approved

A development of up to 1,500 homes on the former Three Kings quarry is today a step closer with the Auckland Development Committee approval of a land swap that will enable the preferred housing scheme to take place.

Fletcher Residential Limited is planning a diverse range of terrace homes and apartments on the site, with a preferred scheme taking in 21.6 hectares of land in and around the quarry.

As part of the development, Fletchers will provide fully developed sports fields, a civic plaza area and general land improvements, in return for some adjacent Council-owned reserves land to be developed for housing.

Public consultation was conducted earlier this year on the exchange proposal. It was followed by a review by an independent hearings panel under the Reserves Act which looked at any concerns raised.

Having completed its review last month, the panel has recommended the approval of the land exchange, with a portion of the Council-owned land to be retained for open use.

The panel’s recommendation has been accepted today by the Auckland Development Committee on the basis that Panuku Development Auckland confirms to the Chair and Deputy Chair it has canvassed all relevant matters in the fiscal evaluation supporting the land exchange.

Committee chair and Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse says she was pleased to see progress made on what is the most significant brown-fields development in Auckland.

“The Three Kings development will provide up to 1,500 new homes and is exactly the sort of development this city needs and wants. It will provide high quality intensification and will put Auckland firmly on the journey to becoming a compact city.”


Panuku Development Auckland Interim Chief Executive John Dalzell has welcomed the decision.

“We’re pleased to have played a key part in enabling the development of a housing scheme of this scale at Three Kings. We’re confident with the land improvements and provision of facilities negotiated for the site. The exchange will deliver the best development outcomes for the benefit of both residents and the local community.”

The decision now paves the way for Auckland Council to seek approval by the Minister of Conservation and negotiate an agreement with Fletchers to complete the land exchange.

Concurrently to the exchange process, a plan change sought by the developer to allow the former quarry site to be used for residential use was approved earlier this week by independent commissioners, with modifications. Those who submitted on the plan change have 30 working days to appeal the decision, from 9 November.



Layton City looking towards the East as the sun rises
Layton City looking towards the East as the sun rises

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  1. Thanks for the update Ben. I am particularly interested in this as I live nearby.

    With this kind of big development going ahead it will be even more important to first get the bus lanes along the whole length of Mt Eden Road extended (i.e. increasing the clearway zones and times – especially MT Eden Village) and second, bring forward the LRT along MT Eden Road.

    I wonder if Panuku will get involved in revitalizing the Three Kings shops there.

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