Goff Digs Hole on Auckland Geography, Planning and the #UnitaryPlan

Is Goff a mayor for Auckland or just Isthmus urbanites?


Given where the quote came from I am suspicious however, that said if what Goff has said is true in the following quote from the Herald then someone better educate him on Auckland Geography, Planning and the Unitary Plan before he starts formally campaigning next year. In other words tell him to not go dig a hole and jump in it.


Here is the quote:

Goff and the Unitary Plan Source: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=11550082
Goff and the Unitary Plan
Source: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=11550082

It came from this story which has a loaded title as is: Traditional living in for changes


Goff is digging himself a whole as that last part leaves him open to any NIMBY not wanting town houses (which are prolific through out Auckland), studio and apartments up to three storeys (which are already allowed in most areas of Auckland under the legacy rules and will be where the Mixed Housing Urban Zone and Terraced Housing and Apartment Zone will be under the Unitary Plan).


Given Auckland 2040 who despite blowing smoke over the Single House Zone yesterday did go to great efforts in working through the Mixed Housing zones and were supportive of its spatial applications outside of genuine historical areas throughout urban Auckland.

But what Goff has been quotes on reeks of both an oxymoron (intensification in the city INCLUDES the inner suburbs where NIMBYs are most prevalent at the moment) and hypocrisy.


So I wonder two things here:

  1. Has Goff actually READ the Unitary Plan?
  2. Who is he being Mayor for?


For the first question the answer seems “No” otherwise he might heeded advice from Deputy Mayor and Chair of the Auckland Development Committee who is overseeing the Unitary Plan processes Penny Hulse on where the Unitary Plan is heading currently (The Rezoning Exercise with the #UnitaryPlan. The Facts). And this is especially Hulse was at the Goff launch on Sunday and was singled out for a shout out by Goff.


For the second question the quote only confirms what I thought of Goff since his first mumblings about running for Mayor and reinforced in his speech on Sunday (Goff Formally Announces. So Far NOT Attracting My Vote #Auckland2016). That is given his language on Sunday including the Port and his quote above Goff seems to be “campaigning” for the urbanite Isthmus and lower North Shore vote rather than the wider urbanite, suburban and rural vote. That suburban and rural vote being the South and the West which readers know you need to win to be Mayor.

Now some will say that he has the South and West secured thus needs to focus on the Isthmus urbanites. Well no actually, you secure your apparent core voters first (the suburban and rural South, West and upper north (Albany and Rodney) THEN go for the swing voters on the urban Isthmus and lower North Shore. Because if you can’t secure your core vote first you are pretty well stuck.


And again given Goff’s language was more geared for the urbanites rather than the suburbanites and rural sectors of Auckland Goff has automatically committed his first blunder and earned the distrust of those two areas of Auckland. More specifically why should the South now trust Goff? The answer is it should not and that is a pity given Goff lives in Ardmore.


I recommend to Goff to sit down immediately and read this post followed by the book to which I am deriving the posts from: Suburbs: What Are Their Relationships within a City? given the relationship between the suburbs and the City. As I have said with the Unitary Plan if you do not win the suburbs then your chances if “winning” shrink significantly.





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