To Think Over the BBQ Season: How Do You Want Your Onehunga Wharf and Your Manukau #BetterAuckland

Two potential Transform projects will need your input


Something to think about over the BBQ season as two large “transform” activities both through Panuku Development Auckland (an Auckland Council – Council Controlled Organisation) will gear up next year.


Think about what you would like at Onehunga Wharf (working name #ManukauQuarter) as fully open public space that will replicate the successes of Wynyard Quarter. And before everyone piles on I know about the East-West Link being a large spanner so can we leave that part out please.

To get you going here is an idea:


Also for those in the South think about over the BBQ season how you would Manukau City Centre to be shaped as part of a Transform project also through Panuku.

In December the Auckland Development Committee that is chaired by our Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse should be endorsing the Transform projects list of three I have mentioned before in the blog:

Panuku Development Auckland Type 1 short list Source: Auckland Council
Panuku Development Auckland Type 1 short list
Source: Auckland Council


Once the three have been chosen Panuku starts the ball rolling on the Transform (Type 1) short list.

Unlike Onehunga Wharf which will be a blank canvas there has been some work done on Manukau already prior to the creation of the Super City in 2010. That work can be seen through the Public Domain Manual and read here: MCC Public Domain Manual November 2010 (WARNING: File is 180MB in size so not recommended for phone viewing).

But in any case still have a think given Manukau and Onehunga Wharf will be legacies that will be with us for at least the next 50 years.


Note: this post is not “sponsored” by Panuku Development Auckland.