FACT CHECK: Those #UnitaryPlan Maps and Topic 081 – Rezoning

What Council is Doing is in Response to the Unitary Plan Panel and to the Submitters like myself


In light of the Herald publishing an untrue story and account of the Unitary Plan maps this morning (Someone in Council Has Betrayed the Trust of the Submitters to the #UnitaryPlan) (which I have started the complaints process towards the Press Council) I am going to publish some facts on the Rezoning exercise due to be heard next year for the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan.


The Facts:

  1. Those maps in the Herald today are INCOMPLETE and were not due to be released completed until next month
  2. Those new maps were done on the behest of the Unitary Plan HEARINGS Panel. Council in the strictest of sense were following “orders”
  3. Furthermore those maps needed to be done in response to submitters like myself calling for rezoning. We (the submitters) get to debate this next year
  4. As a result it can be argued whichever Councillor leaked the maps has breached Natural Justice to the 9,400 submitters.
  5. Auckland 2040 lobby group were instrumental in creating the new controls for the Residential Zones. Apart from the Single House Zone which they were working through with Council and the Panel most submitters including Auckland 2040 and myself were happy with the new controls generally. That said there might still be a few points of difference such as height in the Terraced Housing and Apartment Zone
  6. Topic 081 – Rezoning and Precincts (Geographic Areas) is due to be held next year as part of the Hearings process. Thus as a result Council NEEDED to produce new maps in both responding to submitters like myself (see below) and the Interim Directions or Memorandums of the Panel (also see below).
  7. The definition of High Rise per the Auckland and Unitary Plan (both legal documents under either the Resource Management Act and/or Local Government Act) is any building over nine storeys in height.
  8.  The only two places those type of buildings (high-rise) can be built is either the Metropolitan Centre Zone and the City Centre Zone – both business zones NOT residential zones.
  9. Town Centre Zones (again a Business Zone not a residential) of which Manurewa and Papatoetoe are, are restricted to eight storeys if not even less.
  10. The maximum height the Terraced Housing and Apartment zone allows is 15 metres or five storeys unless there is an overlay over the top allowing more height.
  11. Again high-rise is 9 storeys or above.
    Mid Rise is 4-8 storeys which the Town Centres and THAB zones are allowed
    Low rise is up to 3 storeys (12 metres) which the Mixed Housing Urban Zone allows.



My Memo in reply to the Panel and Council on the rezoning exercise 


The Panel Memo


The Council’s Reply Memo to the Panel


Central Isthmus Auckland Chamberlain Golf Course is towards the top left corner
Central Isthmus Auckland
Chamberlain Golf Course is towards the top left corner

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